24th September, 1971Vol. 1. No. 17.


It's tricky really writing editorial comment.. and humbling! The editorial mind fumbles for wit, sagacity, brevity and boggles.

Status -------------- well, even though we "respect the office", true status, high and low - (in our humble opinion) comes through what we are.

Club News

The Annual General Meeting of our Sports and Social Club was held on Wednesday, 15th September, and vas followed on Thursday and Friday by the election of candidates for the six vacant seats on the Club Committee. The votes were counted on Sunday, 19th September, and the following men were elected to serve as members of the Committee for the next two years:

W. Hampson
L. Jones
I. Footitt
S. Henderson

Mrs. B. Powell and Mrs. M. Moon were the two unopposed lady candidates.

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Club Sports

The final of the bowling Merit Competition was held on Sunday, 19th September, when Mr. T. Pilling played Mr. R. Robinson. Mr. Robinson was the winner with a score of 21 - 8.

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Have you any unwanted books or magazines? If so, Mr. L. Baylliss, Charge Nurse of M3 Up would be grateful if they could be sent to the ward for the patients' use.

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Domestic Services

The Domestic Superintendent at Winwick Hospital has now been provided with an Office, situated next to the Patients' Bank. - Tel. No. 324.

Domestic services include Ward maids and Porters and any enquiries, requests for assistance or complaints involving this Service should be directed to this Office.

A Hospital cannot thrive without the help of its Domestic Staff. They are therefore indispensable workers.

Those responsible for helping to keep Hospitals clean and tidy are doing valuable work. Although we have much help from modern antibiotics, some germs unfortunately have become resistant and can cause much trouble from cross infection. CLEANLINESS is still vitally necessary and the Domestic Staff (Ward maids) can make a big contribution to the patients' safety and quick recovery. A clean and tidy ward and considerate quietness make a real difference and can help patients to feel relaxed and at ease in unfamiliar surroundings.

In a Psychiatric Hospital like Winwick Hospital, all who are employed therein are expected, and should work as a Team - from the Consultants, Doctors, Nursing Staff, Clerks, Typists, Departmental Staff, Skilled and Unskilled Craftsmen, even to the Yard Labourer, should work together (in harmony) all with the same aim in view 'THE CARE AND WELFARE OF THE PATIENTS '

Within Industry when Wage Claims are put forward, the first item Enployers refer to is 'Productivity'. But in the Hospital Service such a word is never used, surely the result of seeing a Patient successfully treated, and able to go out and again take their place in society is our Productivity.

As a member of such a team we are all entitled to our specific Status, but too often the Domestic Staff are not always afforded a Status which could make then feel accepted as responsible members of the hospital team. The effectiveness of their work is important to the welfare of the patients as to warrant them such. Status. There is ample evidence of the effect which such acceptance into the team can have on turnover rates.

Too often one hears the comment 'She is only a Ward maid,' sometimes scornfully, sometimes sarcastically. But is this right, if they are such an important member of the team?

There are members of the present Nursing Staff who commenced their employment in the Hospital Service as Domestic Staff (Ward maids) and are well aware of the work of a Ward maid and their responsibility for cleanliness and tidyness within the wards for the welfare and benefit of the Patients.

Therefore, I ask, give the Ward maids the Status to which they are entitled within such a magnificent service.

It must always be remembered that Nursing Staff are here for the Welfare and Care of the Patients, the Domestic Staff (Ward maids) for the comfort of the Patients by maintaining the highest standard of Cleanliness.

If we all appreciate this and work together to achieve this standard and build up our team work, Winwick Hospital will be respected within the Region, being an example to the Hospital Service and stand second to none.

I would like to take the opportunity, and using the medium of 'The Standard', to express my thanks to all Staff at Winwick Hospital for the way I have been accepted into the Service, also to express appreciation to those who have given me help, advice and guidance since I was appointed to the post of Domestic Superintendent at Winwick Hospital.

J. K. Bartholomew.

* * * * * * * * * *

Fetching and Carrying

I feel I must write about the increasing encroachments being made upon the ward staff's time.

It seems that in order to help other departments to function, ward staff are constantly required to fetch and carry all manner of items.

Picture the scene in ward eleven upper - lower. Reading the latest memoranda you find that department X requires you to deliver a requisition/ return/time sheet/container before 3 a.m. Sunday gone.

Overcoming writer's cramp, you hurry to meet the dead-line, frequently interrupted by the telephone with such cries as:

"Please collect J. Smith's spectacles."
"Your X-Ray reports are ready"
"Will you collect I. Blogg's weekend medication?"

The ward maid is busy scrubbing the day room but pauses to say "No toilet rolls delivered for three weeks, has anyone seen today's papers" etc.

The nurses are also busy so off you go on a grand tour of the hospital.

First-stop, to ask why no toilet rolls (or teepol, or soft soap) That's no problem assures a porter, quote, "You'll get them if you go to the stores". Luckily you have armed yourself with necessary requisitions, duly selecting a suitable one you present it at the stores (provided the time is 9 a.m. - 10 a.m. or 2.00 p.m. - 3 p.m.)

"Sorry can't help' you are told, must have Unit Officer's signature.

"But I'm acting Unit Officer this week,' you reply.

Answer, "O.K. approve it yourself, and leave it with us, you can collect articles later."

One continues journey via X-Ray, dispensary, theatre etc. in response to aforesaid requests. Finally return to ward looking like an overburdened pack horse.

Surely in this day of upgrading, all concerned could realise that various departments should ring portering service for any delivery needed to or from a ward. And not ask Charge Nurse by phone to collect or deliver same.

All non-nursing grades should be assisted in realising this persons time is fully occupied in patient care.

J. Pennington
M. Hewitt.

Letters to the Editor: With a Difference

With reference to Councillor Slagworthy's letter about bin-men not being able to get at my rubbish I would like to ask him, if he has read that lovely poem in the Bible, 'Straight is the gate.'

As a miner of forty years standing or rather lying as is well-known the coal-face is not an easy life I can tell him and then that there is great satisfaction in a hard job well done.

Yours sincerely,
Alb. Trudge (Retd)
With your kind permission I would like to draw your attention to your letter from Mr. Trudge. The quotation from God's Holy Writ is not, of course, a poem, and the word is, of course, 'strait' not 'straight', a common error.

Yours faithfully,
Gordon High (Rev)
St. David's.
As a Trades Union member, which I hope he always has been, you should not have let Alb. Trudge call certain Council Employees what he did do. As branch Secy. of the Refuse Disposal Operatives No. 4 Chapter I feel that working men of all types should unite.

Cyril Sidebotham (Secy.)
Could not those worthy people engaged in this unhappy contretemps make up their minds to let bye-gones be bye-gones, and live according to the Sermon on the Mount

Yours in love,
Ethel M. Brott (Spinster)



Accused of maliciously wounding an orderly group of Refuse Disposal Operatives in the process of 'Blacking' his rubbish bins, Albert N. Trudge, 79, of 30 Home Lee Terrace, Snodbury, pleaded Not Guilty. Also accused in the same affray was E. M. Brott, Spinster of the Parish of St. David's. She is charged with repeatedly threatening to cause a Breach of the Peace by shouting - "You're all behaving worse than       niggers."


To those who in these troublous times would cravenly call in question the framework of the very fabric of our life in this day and age we would sternly call - hold; while to those of us whose every waking thought is taken up with the never-ending struggle against the Forces of Darkness we would say - FORWARD WITH THE PEOPLE.

J. A. Jolley,

* * * * * * * * * *


In order to reduce the opportunity sought by some trespassers to practise willful vandalism in the Hospital grounds, a Securicor patrol covering the weekend period will commence on Saturday, 25th September.

Staff are requested to co-operate in this exercise and report untoward incidents to the Hall Porters' Office, which will be their operational base.

R. French.
Hospital Secretary

* * * * * * *


D. Brewer   ) Pre Students
D.G. Brewer )
J. Hill     ) S. E. N.


J.A. Regan Pupil

Good wishes in Married Bliss To:

Margaret Broadhurst and Philip Stout, who are to be married on Saturday 25th September, at St. Andrews Church, Orford.

Julie Farrimond and John Chadwick, who will be married on Saturday, 25th September at Croft Parish Church.