29th October, 1971Vol. 1. No. 21.


The response to the suggestions and to the request for contributions as set out in last week's issue of the Standard was such as to afford both encouragement and pleasure. Of particular interest is the fact that members of the Delph Unit staff have met as a body to discuss the problem, and their observations are set out fully in the contribution of Mr. Haughey.

A glance at last week's Editorial will indicate that the Publications Committee had already covered many of the points raised including that of less frequent publications. It must be said that there are distinct dangers as well as possible benefits to be considered in adopting the proposal and for this reason the Publications Committee decided to continue for the time being with a weekly issue.

The other points mentioned will be considered but it must be borne in mind that the creation of "over weight" machinery to achieve what after all is a comparatively simple objective is the surest way to sound the death knell, as has been evidenced within our own experience in other efforts to achieve a similar end.

The past four or five months have laid the foundation of a developing project and the exercise of a little patience and understanding, combined with interested and enthusiastic support will without doubt help in the achievement of our aim.


The Standard appears to be going through a lean phase at present, the reason given to me, lack of contributions. At a recent Unit meeting on Delph we discussed ways and means of regular contributions and also the reason why people seem indifferent and why more contributions are not forthcoming; several points were raised.

The main criticism is that they feel that rigid censorship exists, examples were given of letters and articles written but not published and no comment made to the writer as to the reasons for non-publication. Another was that space available is too limiting to present articles of a technical or more involved nature, than any published up to date.

Editorials and policy appear to apply a critical and censoring approach to comments on Administrative matters but are applied differently at shop floor levels, applying to all Departments. Suggestions made which would help change these strongly held viewpoints were:

An editorial board which would present the view point of all levels of staff.

A central collecting point, e.g. the Library, with a glass faced box, showing the number of contributions for those who cared to look. It would appear that it is not enough to be democratic but one must be seen to be so.

I personally feel that a fortnightly edition would be more effective; advance information from Administrative level could be produced earlier; those writing in answer to a previous article would have more time available to get an article in to the editors.

A basic framework of regular contributions covering particular areas could be used - either as serialised editions of articles or progressive items on areas such as gardening.

The Standard is essential to effective communications at Winwick, and if used correctly would, in my opinion, contribute immensely towards future progress and development.

   Unit Officer.

D E L P H   N E W S.

The Social scene is changing as the longer evenings approach The Patients' Committee are in process of organising a Hallowe'en Dance - to be held on Tuesday, 2nd November, 1971. It should be very enjoyable with dancing to music in the Country and Western style plus cabaret with the Shawe Brothers.

Plans are being prepared for outings to various shows, based on the idea that everyone is welcome provided they pay their way; all events are subsidised to those within the limit, O.A.P.'s having help according to need and the degree of individual independence shown by those who will always insist on paying the going rate - this is something respected and very valuable in any individual, independence being the element we must preserve or develop in all our patients, enabling more effective treatment and preventing institutionalisation.

On the staff side, we are really beginning to function as a Unit, sub-division of Delph into four wards has helped towards more effective treatment of our patients. Unit meetings are stabilised now on a weekly basis, each ward also having daily clinical meetings at handing over periods.

The long term objective is in the process of being achieved - to have a speaker at a Unit Meeting one per month approx., speaking on any subject. We start with Dr. Briggs who is talking on Hypnosis as related to psychiatry and its use clinically in this field. He is internationally recognised as a leading expert in the field of Medical Hypnosis and we are looking forward to his talk with interest. We hope to develop a rota list of interesting speakers which should both educate us and keep our minds attuned to developments in modern Psychiatry.


A project which we, as a Unit, at Delph have been aiming to get off the around is all set for blast off. This is the long awaited development of a Club in Warrington for the use of ex-patients, and those who would benefit from meeting people with similar problems, or just as a place to go where they would feel batter able to mix socially.

The idea is not new by any means, but is in line with developments in Psychiatry at the present time, working towards community based care and the involvement of the community in caring for its less fortunate fellows.

The organisation of such a :project is extremely wide based; involving the Clinical Team within the Hospital associated with the local area. The Social Services, who may provide finances to pay for premises and attending officers at the meeting of the Club, the Methodist Church, in the shape of the Reverend Horner who is providing a meeting place in the Church Hall, off Bold Street, and also someone to provide refreshments - only tea or coffee allowed. Members of the local community through the Samaritan Group who already provide a valuable service in this area.

Starting anything is always a problem, but, if something is worthwhile then it is worth doing. From comments made the support we will require should be forthcoming.

We have decided that the initial meeting of the Club will be on Thursday, 11th November, 1971, at 7.10 pm with the attendance of some of our Unit staff and representatives of the groups already mentioned. The present Patients' Committee here are interested and some of the local members will also attend.

By beginning in a small way we hope to develop the Club as the demand arises. It will be self sufficient once established, with its own Committee based on those attending running affairs at a social level and raising funds for continued maintenance similar to the system existing at Delph at present.

Anyone who is interested outside of the Unit is welcome to participate on a voluntary basis. Our Social Therapy Department is already involved, being experts in the Social Rehabilitation field and also as individuals show the enthusiasm and energy required and most important of all the willingness to be involved, all of which are necessary requirements for progress and achievement in any sphere of activity.



A weekly Review of Events and Happenings In the Social Therapy Department.

I should like to begin by explaining the basic aims of this review. In relating factual reports and items of interest we hope to further a better understanding and communication between all departments. Any comments, constructive criticism or new ideas will be welcomed and given every consideration.

Sports Report.

With the onset of the netball and football season I am pleased to report with great enthusiasm the initial successes of our Ladies' Netball team. We have had three matches, two at home to Royal Albert Hospital and Mary Dendy Hospital and one away at Cheadle Royal Hospital. All three matches were won and the scores were 29-17, 26-4, and 20-15 respectively. The football team's first success was again Royal Albert Hospital and resulted in a 3-1 win. The vital interest in competitive games is indeed of invaluable therapeutic value. It is not the winning that is most important but the mixing and the appreciation of the rules and sense of fair play.

The weekly visit to the public baths on every Wednesday evening is continued with much success and enjoyment, shared by patients and staff alike. Non-swimmers and swimmers seem to be very keen and with encouragement could become first class "water babes". If anyone would like to join us, the bus leaves the gym at 6.00 pm.

Members of the Social Therapy Department along with some athletic nurses are at present in training for the forthcoming cross-country event organised by the West Cheshire Hospital Committee. We have entered both male and female teams and hope for success. The event takes place at Deva Hospital on November 6th. A report of the results will be made at a later date. Support your team! If anyone has transport and would like to come - please do. We'd be happy to have you there.

Kathleen Appleton, P.T.I.
   Social Therapy.



Last Friday our Darts Team played Culcheth British Legion, winning 4 - 3.

Winwick Hospital Football Teem was also in winning form last week, with a 7 - 3 victory over Crosfields.



Recently a fire hosereel on a ward was found to be damaged and covered in mud, having been used at some time for the cleaning of drains.

It had been replaced on the ward in an inoperable condition. This could have had disastrous consequences in the event of a fire.

Will all staff please note that fire equipment is only for emergency use in case of fire and it must not be used for any other purpose.

C.P. Evans,
Fire Safety Officer.


Swimming Pool Fund.

The Treasurer, Mr. A.S. Kennerly, wishes to thank the Sewing Room Staff for the donation of 9 to the above fund.


The staff of Female 1 Down are this week saying goodbye to Annie Tinsley, who has worked at the hospital for the last four years, both on 1 Down and at Winwick Hall.

Mrs. Tinsley will he flying to Rhodesia in December, to join her daughter and family, and we join with the ward staff in sending her our best wishes.


J. Parkinson   Deputy Charge Nurse
C. Parkinson   Staff Nurse
A. Tinsley   Nursing Assistant
F. Lally   Student
E. Somerford   Nursing Assistant


W. Gould       Staff Nurse