12th November, 1971Vol. 1. No. 23.


As most of the magazine this week is taken up with reports on social activities, both within the hospital and at the club, the Editorial Comment shall be minimal - allowing the Editors the therapy of relaxing their brain boxes.

Usually, the ten minutes allotted to the compilation of the EDITORIAL COMMENT is fully taken up...... So..... Hurrah! this week we have an extra eight minutes to make decisions - answer letters - telephone - give advice - issue orders - receive criticisms - listen to carpings - smile a little - frown a little - have intercourse.

Words, Idle words .........

Peacefully leafing through last week's Standard, wondering how best to begin a series of General News Items, my eye was caught by the Editors' definition of the word 'communicate'. The suspicion grew that Something Was Missing.

Now, I will not go as far as the cynic who felt that - 'Language was given to Man that he might hide his thoughts', but I do incline to the view that what we leave out may be as significant as what we put in. A quick glance at the Dictionary and my worst fears were confirmed - whole continents of meaning had been suppressed.

As I grew calmer, of course, I realised that 'to have intercourse' may mean simply to talk with folk and generally interact with them. It does not necessarily relate to long hair and short engagements.

I now understood one gap in the definition, but could not account for the absence of 'to partake of Holy Communion'. Only on reading that 'it is better to give than to receive' did I fully apprehend the agonies our Editors must have undergone. I'll bet they wished they'd never used the word in the first place.

R. Bruton.

Social Therapy Review:

This weeks visiting team heralded from Wales; Denbigh to be precise. Unfortunately only a football team arrived and so the ladies took the opportunity of being supporters. The match, incidentally a 7-3 win for Winwick, was the hardest played this season, showing a high standard of gamesmanship and professionalism.

On Tuesday evening we hold a Social evening in the gym, for our Geriatric patients.. It started with a display of Morris dancing by a team of 'tinies'. This was well appreciated and was followed by a conjuring act. Our ladies display team again proved their skill by performing, faultlessly, three exercise routines. More of these Social evenings are being planned for the long winter nights ahead and going by the results of this one should prove very successful.

Tuesday lunchtime saw the final of a Squash tournament, sponsored by the Rev. P. Nunn. It was a hard fought contest between Mr. J. Jolley and Mr. P. Hilton. The result was a good win for Mr. Jolley, who in everyone's opinion was a worthy champion. The draw and matches were as follows: -

First Round

Mr. P. HiltonvMr. R. Bruton
Rev. P. NunnvMiss K. Appleton
Mrs. P. FarrimondvMr. J. Jolley
Mr. W. CrookesvMrs. C. Frith


Mrs. J. DevinevMr. R. Mather
Mr. A. GornallvMr. A. Haughey

2nd Round

Mr. W. CrookesvMr. A. Haughey
Mr. A. GornallvMiss K. Appleton
Mrs. J. DevinevMr. J. Jolley
Mr. R. MathervMr. P. Hilton

3rd Round

Mr. J. JolleyvMr. A. Haughey
Miss K. AppletonvMr. P. Hilton


Mr. J. JolleyvMr. P. Hilton


Mr. J. Jolley

We have started a league with the winners prize donated by J. Jolley.

After weeks of hard training the cross country teams male and female met on Saturday afternoon for the race held at Deva Hospital. It was a bitterly cold afternoon but that was soon forgotten once the race was on. The men:- Billy Crooke, Philip Rowe, Trevor Hasleton, each ran three miles in an overall tine of 42.40 minutes and were pipped for second place. They ran a convincing third and deserved praise for showing a hard determination. The ladies team:- Mrs. C. Frith, Miss B Ward, Miss K. Appleton, were more successful, having a thousand yards each to run, they finished second in an overall tine of 20.37 minutes, winning a small trophy each. Well done to everyone who took part and thanks to those of you who came to support us.

K. Appleton

Letters to the Editors:

Last year we held our first Christmas Bazaar - and very successful it proved too. It is intended to hold another one this year, on December in the Gymnasium.

Any and all items will be greatly appreciated.

Please contact the Social Therapy Department.


During the last year our Volunteer Helper corps has increased in size, and has become fairly well established. Our volunteers now feel that they can offer a further service - the collecting and escorting of any patients (ambulant, semi- or non-ambulant) to any church service on Sunday mornings.

Will all Charge Nurses and sisters please let us know their need in this area - preferably by Friday evening.

J.A. Jolley.


Early Days at Winwick

My first impressions were of patients wandering along open corridors, occasionally with arms linked, but mostly alone. Somethings surprise you but I think it is mostly new comers that notice the mishaped clothes and down at heel shoes.

Then suddenly you realise, these people were once living normal lives. Women keeping home and men the breadwinners. It was while realising this that sympathy for these people first came to me.

I asked myself questions. What qualities does a psychiatric nurse require? How can I apply myself? Will a training syllabus teach me all I need to know? These questions have been answered through watching experienced nurses at their work. I think it points out that during our period as cadets we should observe as much as possible and realise the value of advice from older colleagues which will slowly teach us the answers to our questions. Until then, great patience and keeness of mind is required of us.

A.G. Clare.


Would any club member interested in forming a sub-section to cater for entertainment (e.g. disco dances, folk nights, etc) please contact Mrs. M. Moon, F. 7D, immediately.



Unfortunately, the match against the Bay Horse on Sunday, 7th November, was cancelled, as no referee was available. Next Sunday, the team will play an away League game against Tetley Walker.


Last Friday, Winwick played the Red Lion. It was a close game but the honours went to the Red Lion by 4 games to 3.

However, Winwick made up for this by winning the Dominoes 4 - 1.

Table Tennis

The B Team lost 9 - 1 to Kent Street.

This week, 'The Standard' prints a request for interested club members to form an Entertainments Sub-section.

Many members, especially of the younger set, have long held the view that there are not enough social activities in the club.

However, social activities always need organising and usually there is a dearth of people wishing to assist. At present, the only regular entertainment the club offers are the Saturday night dances, and many people overlook the work done on Saturday nights over the years by such members as Beattie Powell, Eric Critchley, Len Jones, Gordon Gallop, Jim Radley and George Poulson, not to mention Frank Callaghan, the steward and the members who assist behind the bar and elsewhere.

The dances themselves have waxed and waned in popularity over the years, but recently, with the help of our new resident organist, Harry Hobroyd, the dance room has been fuller than ever, and the atmosphere noticeably gayer than in past years. Harry, previously the organist at Culcheth British Legion, is certainly drawing the crowds, and Saturday nights are becoming quite an occasion for many staff and social members.

It is to be hoped that with the formation of an Entertainments Sub-section, interest can be maintained, and increased.

Are you one of the club members who has in the past criticised the lack of social activities? If so, this is your chance to do something more, and allow Margaret Moon to establish the new Sub-section.

From time to time it is necessary to refuse admission to staff who wish to be admitted to the club as a visitor. This is due to the club rule which states that all hospital employees must become club members before being admitted.

However, as membership costs only 25p per annum, (less than 1/2p per-week), it is well worthwhile joining. Application forms are available from Ivan Foottit or any committee member and subscriptions are due each January.

W. Hamson

Division II - Sunday League

 P W D L F A P
Tetley Walker10 9 0 1441418
Lockers10 6 2 2331614
F.C. Rangers 9 6 2 1301314
Royal F.C.10 5 1 4161911
Bay Horse UTD 8 5 0 3151310
Bell Rover's 8 4 1 31920 9
Crosfield CC 9 4 0 52222 8
General Wolfe 9 4 0 52426 8
Winwick Hospital 7 3 1 31617 7
Alliance Box 8 1 1 61424 3
Laportes 8 1 1 61432 3
British Rail St. Helens10 1 1 91843 3

The following advertisement has been seen in a certain Male Ward:

Applications are invited for the post of



38 - 24 - 36 - 2ft tail.

(preferably with large fin)

Apply immediately to G. Moon, Aquarium attendant.


To All Sisters and Charge Nurses

In answer to numerous requests, we cannot accept any more patients in the Cultural Centre.

But will be glad to do so when extra accommodation is found.

W. Dutch.


Mrs. N. P. DaviesStaff Nurse
Mr.J. RedmondStaff Nurse
Mrs J. McGuirePart Time Staff Nurse
Mrs. J. LlewellynNursing Assistant

The O.T. Department welcome:

Mrs. A. Adey
Mrs. J. Arnold
Mrs. E. Daniels
Mrs. M Duff


Robert SuttonS.E.N.
Pamela H. ScottStudent Nurse
Mrs. D. PictonNursing Assistant

Work is now progressing rapidly with our "Centre-Piece" for this year.

Cinderella and. her Coach.