19th November, 1971Vol. 1. No. 24.


We are still receiving suggestions for the re-naming of wards. The bulk of them for districts of Warrington, Trees, etc. One, received from Mr. Morris, Principal Tutor, that is a particularly different idea appears in this issue.

We are still open to receive any other ideas so please let us have them.


Table Tennis

November, 5th.

Winwick 'A'4T.B.M.6
G.E.S.M.9 Winwick 'B'1


Last Friday the team played New Inn B team, our opponents winning 4 - 3.


Again the Dominoes team made up for the lack of success of the Darts team, beating New Inn B 5 - 0.


The Bowls Presentation night will be held on Friday, November 26th, in the club. The winners are as follows:

Interdependent Competition: League WinnersThe Lads
 Runners UpBar Team

Opening Mains Pairs: WinnerJ.E. Wright & J.S. Spencer
 Runners upH. Lee
H. Pickering

Summer Main Singles:WinnerJ. Potter
 Runner upS. Cox

Consolation Winners:E. GouldingA. Mitchell

Final Mains Singles:WinnerE. Gouldon
 Runner upA. Meeks
 Semi-FinalistsP. Jeffreys
  P. McClean

Consolation Winners:R. FiddlerH. Pickering

Merit Competition:WinnerR. Robinson
 Runner upT. Pilling
 Semi-FinalistsG. Robinson
  E. Gouldon


The 'A' team did not have a match last week. The 'B' team played St. Mary's and lost 7 - 1.


The team went down 3 - 0 to Tetley Walker. Next Sunday, the match against Bay Horse United, which was postponed two weeks ago, will be played.

Social Therapy Review

The 'magnificent 11' (men's football team) continued their good-humoured annihilation of the P.T.S. team on Friday when they again triumphed with an 11 - 1 win. They are certainly a team to be reckoned with as they have proved over and over. Their match this week played away at Cranage Hall Hospital was again another win, the score being 5 - 0. Any challenge ventured will be accepted and played. They are, up till now, undoubtedly the 'greatest'.

It's hard luck this week, however, to the ladies net-ball teem who lost their match at Cranage Hall by 5 goals. The score being 34 - 29. After trailing 18 - 5 at half-time they certainly pulled up their socks Undaunted, they look forward to the return match, in the hope that they may even things up.

As I said last week, we have now started a 'squash' League. The first matches have been played, at lunch time in the gym, every day. What have we started? When two normal (or nearly normal anyway) people take to the court, racket in hand, what becomes of them? Arms flailing, shouts echoing and a mad gleam appearing in the eye, they become monsters of the squash court, giving nothing and everything all at once. As soon as the match is over a well earned hand-shake and nod at the referee and back to normal. It really is surprising what a little competition can do for a person, isn't it?

Re: Those comments and criticisms, Where are they?

K. Appleton


In your second issue of 'The Standard' (11th June, 1971) it was announced that the Hospital Management Committee would welcome ideas for changes in the nomenclature of the wards. The subject was further raised at the Officers Functional Council meeting of Tuesday, 9th November when I made certain suggestions which were received with some measure of approval, as the result of which I was asked to put my ideas to you for the Committee's consideration. This I now do.

Main Buildings

Each block to be numbered in progression starting with the present '1s' bloc?:. It is immaterial whether this is done clockwise or anti-clockwise but personally I think the latter preferable, thus beginning with the present 'F.1' block. In addition ground floor wards should be further identified by the addition of the letter 'A', first floor wards by the letter 'B' and second floor wards by the letter 'C'. Thus F.1D would become Ward lA, F.lUp Ward 1B and so on.

Winwick Hall and East and West Wings

These could be included in the scheme if desired but I would suggest they retain their present names and if Winwick Hall is divided at a later date, the same principles could be applied, e.g. Winwick Hall 1A, etc.

Delph Hospital

I would suggest that the wards be re-named following the principles already stated, e.g.. Delph 1A, Delph 1B, and so on.

Advantages of the Scheme

1. Wards named numerically are usually easier to locate.

2. Staff would quickly learn that 'A' are ground floor, 'B' wards first floor and so on.

3. Signposting would be simple and cheap.

4. Stock marking is simple and cheap.

5. Discontinuing the use of 'Male' and 'Female' will simplify charges in the use of wards and eliminate the confusion when patients of one sex are moved to a ward with the opposite sex 'label.'

6. The system would lend itself to further extension if the need should arise in the future.

7. It would help to get rid of the concept of 'Male' and 'Female' sides, etc.

I am sure the scheme has other advantages as it probably also has disadvantages but I offer the idea for the Committee's consideration.


F.1D- lAF.3D- 4AF.5Up- 6B
F.lUp- 1BF.3Up- 4BF.6D- 7A
F.2D- 2AF.4D- 5AF.6Up- 7B
F.2Up- 2BF.4Up- 5BF.7D- 8A
F.2A- 3AF.5D- 6AF.7Up- 8B

F.8D-  9AM.4D- 17A
F.8M-  9BM.4Up- 17B
F.9D - 10AM.3Up- 18A
F.9Up - 10BM.2A- 19A
M.9D - 10AM. Inf)- 20A
M.9Up - 11CF. Inf)
M.8D - 12AM.2Up - 20B
M.8Up- 12BM.1D- 21A
M.10- 13AM.1Up- 21B
M.7D- 14AEast Wing- 22
M.7Up- 14BWest Wing- 23
M.6D- 15AWinwick Hall- 24
M.6U- 15B
M5D- 16ADelph Hospital
M5U- 16B
M.L.D.Delph 1A
M.U.D.Delph 1B
F.L.D.Delph 2A
F.U.D.Delph 2B

** ** ** ** ** ** **

The Assistant Catering Officers report that since the subject of the wastage of bread was raised at an Area meeting, the number of loaves used by the hospital has been reduced by 700 per week, which obviously has resulted in a considerable saving.

As financial resources in the Health Service are always limited any economy such as this to be applauded, as money saved can be directed elsewhere where the need is greatest.

However, there is still room for improvement. One of our staff, on visiting the kitchen yard, was surprised at the amount of bread which was still being deposited in the buckets. Not only that, but there was evidence of other wastage - bread rolls which were uncut and dry Weetabix, both items which had obviously not even been served to the patients.

Is there no way in which this unnecessary waste can be curbed? Up till now, the responsibility has lain with the ward staff, but still wastage of food pushes up the hospital bills.

Perhaps someone could devise a better method of preventing such wastage. There seems to be a tendency to shrug this matter off as being of little significance. Hardly so, when it directly limits the service we give and also, the improvement of staff amenities.

** ** ** ** ** ** **

LOST AND............FOUND?

The Stethoscope belonging to ward M. 5 Down (stamped M.8 Middle) has disappeared. Its return would be greatly appreciated.

T. Muldoon


Mrs. J. WallaceNursing Assistant
Mrs. J. SimpsonS.E.N.
Mrs. F. PhilipsOperating Theatre Assistant


Mrs. M. O'BrienS.E.N.