3rd December, 1971Vol. 1. No. 27.


This week we report receipt of a letter from Mrs. Emson, who until recently when she moved. South, was a member of the League of Friends of Winwick Hospital, and who is the embodiment of the dictionary's definition of 'friend'.

Quite a lot of people in the Hospital will know that her house, hospitality and her heart is open to anybody - and not just at Christmas when we all tend to dispense goodwill - but any time.

We think any further comment would be superfluous.

Cultural Centre, Now Completed

Approximately 1 year ago, Mr. Fox, the Group Secretary, offered the new Pavilion to the O.T. Department, to help with the difficulty of insufficient floor space. The New Pavilion in its original state had none of the Mod. Cons. required of a modern work place, and accordingly work was put in hand and the Cultural Centre is now complete.

Thanks to Mr. J. Wood (Acting Group Engineer) and his staff, fitters, electricians, joiners, plumbers and to all who helped for the excellent and efficient way they carried out their work under difficulties, with 90 patients around them.

The Centre is very popular both with patients and staff, because of its roominess and pleasant surroundings and its modern lay-out as a contrast to older buildings.

It has not gone without notice that the Patients enjoy this new type of working environment, and also an improvement in Staff/Patient relationship and understanding.

Finally it is worth adding that this splendid project has been made possible by the co-operation dedication and industrious O.T. Staff.

I would like to hope that this venture could be the forerunner of a modern O.T. Therapy service with its chief aim to provide more facilities for the vast majority of Winwick Patients who cannot join the 90 who are already enjoying their new Cultural Centre.

I should like to extend an open invitation to all members of the staff at Winwick Hospital to visit the Centre and see for themselves.

Our special thanks go to Mr. Fox, for his support, co-operation and encouragement when we were having problems - and we had plenty. Without him this venture would not have been possible.


I would like to express how much I enjoyed the lecture given by Dr. Briggs on Hypnosis. Since qualifying as S.E.N. two years ago, this has been the first signs to me of any chance of further education for S.E.N.'s who are interested in Psychiatry.

I know we are learning every day on the wards and gaining experience. But from the opinions of several nurses I spoke to after the lecture, I would like to say we came out with a greater insight and more interest in psychiatric nursing.

I think if more of these lectures could be arranged on all aspects of what goes on in our hospital for the lower grades of staff, especially, I feel sure this would help to boost the morale of staff working on the wards, doing the less interesting work necessary in our nursing.

There are so many interesting facets to our nursing, why should we have to turn to General Hospitals for any further knowledge.

C. Fogg.


I must plead guilty to having thrown bread-rolls, uncut, whole Weetabix, and many other items of food without even having offered them to the patients - for a very good reason - the mice got there first. Our food cupboards are backless and open to attack. We have 65 patients, a lot of food daily to protect, and very little space. We have often utilised staff lockers to ensure a clean wholesome supply of food next day.

The mice seem to enjoy and thrive on the "stuff" put down by the "mouse man". How do other wards cope? We are over-run and in spite of our efforts the plague continues.

An amount of food wastage is due to the mice, and to unsuitable food storage cupboards on this ward, at least.

J.B. Whittaker
   M. 7Up

Re. Last week's issue of the Standard and Mr. Hampson's list of activities. He missed out our Monday evening Modern Sequence dancing section. For the benefit of the uninitiated, it is a sequence of steps set to modern rhythm. It is NOT Old Time.

We have great pleasure in helping people and teaching them to dance and we can claim a number of local successes. My husband and I represented the section at the Isle of Man Dance Festival in August, and we were received by the Mayor and Mayoress of Douglas on this occasion. (We paid for this ourselves.)

Our section has done quite a lot in a quiet manner for various charities.

We have staff members from the Infirmary, the Borough and other hospitals who never miss a Monday night. As for the old members who helped the club get out of the red, I myself was treasurer for a considerable time and did help the club to get on its feet. I took over from Mr. Gilleland and handed over to Mr. Poulson.

Any club member interested enough to persevere can learn to dance correctly with us on a Monday evening, this includes the very latest dances which are given out every month at the amateur and professional associations.

Mrs. M. Milner.
Happy to read in your "Mag" that things are going to be started re. a place in Warrington for ex-patients. Please put the enclosed to that effort.

A good Christmas for all.

Ruby Emson
P.S. My daughter sends the Winwick Magazines to me so you are really Nationally read, how about Internationally?

The enclosed was a postal order for 5.00.



During my early days at Winwick Hospital I saw many happy and pleasurable entertainments put on for the benefit of our patients. The most memorable for me, anyway, took place on Friday, in the gym. The Warrington Silver Band so kindly came to entertain our older ladies and gentlemen. Before the band arrived we had community singing which was very successful. As we escorted patients to the gym, the sound of happy voices singing the old time songs that we all know; positively resounded in the corridor. When the band started to play it was absolutely fantastic. I have never seen so many of our patients take part so wholeheartedly and voluntarily in the singing and clapping that followed. It was truly one Of the best evenings entertainment that I have seen and I sincerely hope that it will be repeated as soon as possible. Special thanks to the staff for their co-operation in making provision for their patients late return to the wards. If you could only have. seen their appreciation it would have been thanks enough.

On Thursday, one of our staff, Chris Frith, accompanied Mr McKendrick and nurses and patients of Female l Down, on a shopping expedition to Liverpool. Chris said that the ladies thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm sure Mr. McKendrick was pleased with this, the first of his trips out. It would be nice if we could have a mini-bus so that we could take more people out, more often!

This week, the men's foot-ball team suffered their first defeat of the season when they lost, at home, to Deva Hospital. It was a good game with Deva playing on top throughout the match. Nonetheless, our men have not become dispirited and I'm sure this will make them all the more determined to win in the next match.

K. Appleton.


In response to the excellent article in The Standard by Mr. Hampson, and notices displayed asking for interested club members to form an entertainments sub committee. The following Club Members agreed to form such a Committee:

P. RobinsonM. MoonT. Allen
J. CummingsM. Barr
T. FlahertyR. HandM. Collins

We will be holding our first function on Thursday, 2nd December. Please come along and support our first venture.


The social club is there to provide a service for you, but it can only be what members make it.

There has been enough grumbling on the side lines about what the club should do.

Entertainment wise, well, for those members who think that the Saturday night entertainment is not sufficient to cater for everyone's needs - here's your chance to do something about it.

The Committee will only be too pleased to receive suggestions on what other functions members want.

M. Moon





2.30 p.m.

Application forms available from:

Mr. Callaghan, Club Steward

Maximum age of Child      12 years

Closing Date for Applications:

11th DECEMBER, 1971

No Applications considered after the Closing Date.



Miss S. MannPre-Student
Mrs. G. GraceNursing Assistant
Mr. B. PlattDeputy Charge Nurse


Mrs. E. Houghton-RandalsNursing Assistant
Mrs. D. WhymanNursing Assistant

Congratulations on Promotion To:

Mrs. M. GoodmanTheatre Sister

Deputy Sisters:

M. Sutton
J. Whittaker
E. Hodge
B. Hodge
A. Hodkinson