31st December, 1971Vol. 1. No. 30.


Since the end of 1971 is almost here, what better tine to say thank you to the many people who have worked so hard, especially during the last six months, to make our magazine, The Standard.

Without endeavour, goodwill and a fair degree of tolerance, it would have been impossible to have produced a continuous weekly edition and kept up a standard.

With the ever increasing list of contributors, and a greater participation by the Publications Committee, there is no reason why we cannot improve our standard throughout 1972.

A Happy New Year to all our readers.

The Editors and Publications Committee


The week began on Monday, 20th December with an early morning visit to the Odeon Cinema by some of our elderly ladies and gentlemen. The visit was sponsored by the League of Friends who met us outside. The visit was made more enjoyable by the fact that the cinema was packed with school children who left us in no doubt about how much they enjoyed it.

On Tuesday, we spent a lot of time in preparation for the Social Therapy party which took place later in the evening when all the venues had been covered. I think it was very successful and would like to thank all those who attended for making it so.

The first Xmas parties of the week took place on Wednesday and were held on F.9 D, F.6 Up and F.1 D. Everyone, both Staff and Patients enjoyed it because since then I have been regaled with stories by one or two of the ladies and gentlemen.

On Thursday evening our patients were once again entertained by a band, this time the Golborne Silver Band. Everyone enjoyed themselves but agreed that it didn't go on long enough.

Christmas Eve was indeed a day to remember. The programme carried on as usual in the morning but after dinner the department and friends, Sister Rigby, Roger Bruton, Dorothy Porter, Mr. French, and Mr. Templeton, gathered in the gym to begin our Carol Singing around the wards and corridors of the hospital. It was a very touching experience to see the reactions of our patients. Many of them joined in the singing and there was a few wet eyes among Staff and Patients alike.

On Christmas Day, we were entertained once again by the Warrington Silver Band who gave up their time on a day when everyone would like to be at home with their families and friends. Their reward was seeing the obvious pleasure which they brought to our patients. It is very heart-warming to know that there are people who are willing to help us to give pleasure to our people and I should like to convey our sincere thanks to them.

Social Therapy.


Please may I use the medium of the Standard to thank ALL at Winwick for making my working life a very happy one.

The pop-up toaster will be a constant reminder of all the Winwick feet.

Thank you all and all good wishes for 1972.

Chiropody Department.

** ** ** ** ** **

Re Letter to the Editor headed "Recreation Hall".

Sub-headed in last week's Standard by a member of the Day Hospital Staff "What a Cheek".

Before you start flaying Mr. J. Shaw consider this. We of the Artisan Staff are employed like you to carry out our many skills in and outside the hospital. For this service we are paid wages. As servants we work for and towards bettering our lot.

If Management wish to give us "Public Praise" and as you say an Olde Englishe Dinner, this can only enhance our reputation as decent work people.

Yard Staff.


It is with great pleasure that we received news of the award of the "Queens Badge" for Guides to Miss Shelagh Mather one of our young voluntary helpers from the 5th Golborne Troop.

This Guide Troop under the captaincy of Mrs. M. Cunningham, have been visiting the hospital for the past two years. They are a credit to their organisation and Mrs. Cunningham's leadership. My sincere thanks to them, and all our many other young helpers.

Congratulations Shelagh.

Social Therapy Officer.

** ** ** ** ** ** **

On December 23rd, Miss 0. Stephenson, our Chiropodist, took leave of us, as she is going to Southport.

She was presented with a pop-up toaster by the staff, and we join with them in giving her our best wishes.



At the match last week against Tetley Walker Transport from Division I in the J. White Cup, Winwick appeared to have the measure of their opponents at first, being 1-0 up in the first 23 minutes. However, the game slipped from their grasp and they ended up 3-1 down. Gordon Skeech unfortunately sustained a leg injury in the second half, which means he will be out of the team for some weeks.

This Sunday, Winwick play at home in the Runcorn Cup (Kick off at 2.00 p.m.)

L. Smith.

** ** ** * **

Physiotherapy Raffle

The winning ticket in aid of Physiotherapy patients party is:


J. Cummings , M.6 Down.

Thank you for your support.

** ** ** **

Male 4 Up Raffle

D. Porter won raffle. Male 4 Up would like to thank everyone for their support.