7th January, 1972Vol. 1. No. 31.


The New Year, and the opportunity for a new beginning. This has been the custom down the ages and is as true for the Hospital as it is for the individual. 1971 saw its share of changes many of which will continue to have considerable effects on us for a long time to come, and perhaps we can take assurance from the fact that others have experienced similar upheavals and emerged the stronger for them.

So also, 1972 will have its share of new beginnings, not the least of which will be the amalgamation of Winwick with the Warrington Hospitals Group. This will represent not only change in each of our areas, but a new era in the life of the hospital. Such far reaching charges in our accustomed ways will call for continued understanding and effort by us all.

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Social Therapy Review

The week began quietly on boxing day with the Social Therapy Department turning out in full force after the Christmas Holiday. We spent the day helping everyone to get over the, "well, its all over now," feeling, which usually follows the festivities.

This week we have been particularly busy in attending many of the ward parties which took place. On many occasions our patients heve been entertained by the St. Peters Morris Dancing Troupe. They came last week which made it their sixth appearance. We must thank Mr. & Mrs. Martindale for bringing the girls and training them. Often they have made two journeys in order to get everyone here and have also come at a minutes notice. They have brought pleasure to many people and have agreed to come for as long as we want them to. To the girls and Mr. & Mrs. Martindale, our sincere thanks.

A week last Tuesday, the 21st December, was the Social Therapy Party. We thought it a good idea to have the presentations for the 'Sports Personality of the Year` awards, which we did. Mr. Vardy, the Chairman of the League of Friends Committee, so kindly presented the trophies to the winners. In the women's section first was Chris Frith, second Miss L. Sweeting, and third Mrs. B. Leagh.

In the men's section, first was Mr. A. Haughey, second Mr. F. Driscoll, and third Mr. L. Bayliss. At the last annual Hospital Sports Meeting, held at Winwick, three records were broken and it was decided that trophies were to be presented in recognition of these achievements. They were as follows:

In the shot - Chris Frith.
In the mile - Peter Roberts (St. Helens Hospital)
In the javelin - Mrs. M. Langford (Deva Hospital)

It was a very successful evening and was made more enjoyable by all the winners attending to receive their prizes.

Rather belatedly - Happy New Year.

K. Appleton

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The Patients and Staff of F. 6 Up would like to thank Student Nurse Philip Robinson and his father for the fish tank and cabinet they so kindly gave to the ward.

Also we send our thanks to the League of Friends who supplied the extra equipment end the stock of fish. I must say it has and is, giving much pleasure to the patients.

K. Lythgoe.

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Greatest of These - Charities

Charity, they say, begins at home. Even in an affluent society such as ours, it is not hard to find areas in which charity is needed. Despite the welfare state, we still see flagsellers on the streets, appealing for children, animals or lifeboat crews and sometimes for good causes farther afield. At Christmas time there is a spate of appeals and most people dip into their pockets to contribute in some way to the welfare of those worse off than themselves.

There is, however, a much more difficult kind of charity, it is the type of charity we need much more of if we are to see an end to violence between different races, different factions and different religions.

It requires a saint to accept what seems to be injustice and to recognise someone else's need as greater than one's own , and how many saints are there?

Even within the walls of hospitals, institutions founded in charity, this particular brand of it can be hard to practise, and maybe one of the earliest truths we should assimilate is a realisation of the inequalities of existence. For life itself is never fair, anyway.

T. Pilling.


The first issue of a New Year is as good a time as any to bring the Chess Club News up to date.

Since the last article the Hospital team has been put out of the Warrington League K.O. by a strong Lancs. Steel Team - though it must be added that we were hard hit by involuntary absences and the dreaded lurgi, being finally able to field only four players. In the Warrington League proper, after a disappointing start, we are weIl placed - and, showing anything like form, we should be in line for promotion next season.

The Hospitals Competition finds us in the second round of the K.0. with excellent prospects, and we have a good tally of points in the new-style League Championship.

For the next three Tuesdays we have the following matches:

18.1.72Boteler G.S.Home
25.1.72Thomas CaseHome

Our prospects after these vital matches will be the subject of our next Chess Club News.

Roger Bruton
The monthly meeting of the Winwick branch of COHSE will be held in the hospital at 9.00 p.m. on Monday next, 10th January.

B. McAuley.
Branch Secretary