14th January, 1972Vol. 1. No. 32.


The Life-Blood of any organ such as the Standard is a steady stream of contributions. Generally this seems to have been forthcoming. We take the recent apparent slacking-off to be due to the after effects of the holidays as much as anything else, but there is just a possibility some re-statement of the policy so well expounded in the first issue would be appropriate, and perhaps give added impetus. We gather that there are still people in the hospital who do not have regular access to copies of the Standard, and this, combined with a natural, but erroneous, assumption on our part "everybody knows what it's about by now" may be denying us of some good material.

Something puzzles us - Why does a letter about status, provoke an avalanche of letters, while an article which grapples with the problems of treating disturbed patients, passes without comment? Are we ONLY status conscious?

Social Therapy Review

Now that we are well and truly over the Christmas period we can again look forward to the sports fixtures arranged for the end of this month end on into the summer. Despite the lack of matches during the past few weeks there have been training sessions and I'm sure that we will be ready to continue our successful seasons when the need arises.

When I first started to write this weekly article I mentioned that the aims of it were to encourage a better communication between all departments and staff. I think that it would be a good idea to explain how and why each venue is covered.

I'll begin this week by trying to explain simply why we have P.E. sessions in the gym. You might say, and you'd be perfectly correct, that these classes are held to keep our patients fit but that is only one reason. Not only does it get them off the ward for an hour or so and give then a change of surroundings but it gives them something with which to occupy their minds! Again, you might say, that sitting doing exercises relates to physical health. So it does, in addition to teaching co-ordination, (which can be very trying) and teaching that to a certain piece of music a definite pattern of exercises must be followed.

It is very rewarding to see a group of patients following, correctly, the exercises as dictated by a recording of music. I think that the patients also feel a sense of achievement when they have learned something and remembered it, I have mentioned previously the Women's Display. Team and how much the members enjoy going out to rallies in order to give displays. This shows in the way they train, eager to learn every movement so as to give a good account of themselves. The immense therapeutic value of knowing that they can put on a display as good, if not better that the outside organisations is undeniable.

Until recently only the women had a display team but the men are now being trained as a marching and exercise display team. Although in its early stages it looks as though it could prove very successful. Basically, in exercising the body, we MUST exercise the brain, for one cannot function without the other.

K. Appleton.

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Members are reminded that subscriptions are now due, and should be tendered to Frank Callaghan, Club Steward, or any member of the Club Committee, from whom forms are available for those wishing to become new members.

Subscriptions are:

New Members- 30p
Renewal- 25p

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Winwick A - 1C.Y.M.S. - 7
Winwick B - 6Whitecross - 2

W. Hamson.
Units 1 & 2 held their first combined party in the Recreation Hall Annexe on Tuesday, 14th January. Attended by over 100 guests, the party was enjoyed by all, despite the initial setback of the advertised discotheque failing to appear, which entailed some frantic activity on the part of the organisers!

The function followed the trend of holding the traditional ward staff party sway from the ward precincts, which many staff feel is to be welcomed.

The Publications Committee have been asked to pass on the Staff's appreciation of the work of those who re-organised the evening

Publications Committee.

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Each year many functions take place within the hospital, and an outside brewery manages the bars, e.g. at the New Years Eve Dance. The Hospital Catering Department arrange the buffet for some of these functions, so could not the Hospital Social Club run the bars, and thereby some of the profits could be donated to a hospital fund: e.g. the swimming pool fund.

L. Bayliss.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Whichever Caterer provides bar facilities for all hospital functions sends in a detailed account of takings and a cheque for the hospital's share of the profits, which is placed in the endowment fund. For instance, the two staff dances are provided from endowment monies and an account must be kept of all expenditure and income.


WASTE NOT .............

Does anyone know of a Charity which requires used Christmas Cards?

Each year there must be thousands thrown away, in this hospital alone. We would like to undertake the collection and dispatch of same.

Any information please contact Social Therapy Department.

J. A. Jolley.

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This week, we welcome several new staff, who have joined the ECT team on Female 1 Down.

Being employed solely for duties on the team, they join Staff nurses G. Barrow and H. Evans, and it is anticipated that this innovation will eliminate the staffing difficulties which have affected the ECT team.

Publications Committee.

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The Editors thank all those who have already submitted suggestions for the re-naming of wards. The competition will close on 31st January, 1972 after which, entries received will be considered by the Hospital Management Committee.

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Industrial therapy department would like to thank all those who supported their raffle which was for a turkey. The draw was made by Mr. Beck and the winning ticket was bought by Nurse MacNamara of the department, who promptly handed it back as part of the party. The party took place on Friday, 7th January and was undoubtedly an unqualified success. The staff and patients would like to thank those ward sisters who so kindly contributed to make it a memorable evening.

The party took the form of a cabaret evening and all those who took part volunteered their services. The artistes came from as far as Liverpool and included Douglas Webb (Comedian personality) Mr. Britton (Fairy) Kenneth Laybourne and his accompanist as well as Mr. Keith Lewis and Mr. Les. Lynch. Hard work and team spirit within the staff combined with every help from outside people produced an unforgettable occasion.

Mrs. Knowles & Staff.

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A N N U A L   P A R T Y

AT 9.00 p.m.


FRIDAY, 21st JANUARY, 1972

in the


dancing to



Tickets £1.00 (Buffet and Bar inclusive)

Available from Mr. P. Boland

Social Therapy Department

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M. Ashley
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