28th January, 1972Vol. 1. No. 34.


Editorial Comment is limited this week to the observation that the Publications Committee, which is now playing a larger part in the running of "The Standard", does not exist by divine right - neither is it necessarily composed of those who have greatest ability in this capacity. It functions best as a responsible focus of hospital opinion and pressures. Questions - How well is it doing? and How can it do better? In what away could your Standard be improved?


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We apologise for the delay in distribution of "The Standard" last week, which was due to the stencils being inadvertently incinerated and having to be re-typed.

Publications Committee.

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Re-Naming of Wards

Re. The naming of wards. Why not name our wards after the senior staff who have given the hospital years of service?

H. Gohrey.

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At their last meeting, the Joint Consultative Staffs Committee considered the question of a maximum retirement age for our staff. It was felt that the views of the staff should be sought on this important matter, and we would therefore like the staff to discuss the subject and make their views known, either to their J.C.C. representatives, or by writing a letter to "The Standard".

D. McKendrick.

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It was decided recently that ward nursing staff would no longer be able to purchase sandwiches, etc., from the dining room in duty hours.

However, some difficulty has resulted, especially during the morning shift, and we hear that the problem is being re-examined.

Publications Committee


Staff members tell something of themselves - their thoughts, feelings and opinions - in interview form. This week we very much enjoyed talking to Mrs. Barton, Asst. P.S.W.

Q. How did you come to be here - in this field?

A. Well I used to work in the Ministry of Labour - Several different places, several jobs - my last post was as a Disablement Resettlement Officer. I had intended to take a Degree or Diploma Course in Social Studies, but subsequent marriage and its attendant responsibilities made such a course very difficult at the time. The last eighteen months, at Winwick, have been most useful, however, very valuable experience. They would increase the value of such a Course now.

Q. You've only shelved the idea then?

A. Oh, yes. I think such Courses are most important. Quite apart from salary and promotion considerations.

Q. Quite. What are your leisure time pursuits?

A. I have a wonderful kite. No, really I do. And I love to fly it. And I watch aeroplanes - I could happily spend all day at an airport, just watching. Indoors, I make butterfly-collages - pictures built up from grasses, leaves and things, with a butterfly as the central feature. I even catch my own butterflies.

Q. If I could throw in a more serious question - what are your views on the drive to break down Community/Hospital barriers?

A. Naturally I think this is most encouraging. I've seen the situation from the 'other side'. as it were, and greater contact, better liaison, is going to be in everyone's interest. Not least, of course, our Patients.

Q. In your contact with relatives and friends, do you find that recent reports in the Press concerning Hospitals such as this, produce anxiety or hostility?

A. No I don't. One is conscious of anxiety on many occasions of course - it could hardly be otherwise. But I have never felt this was generated by anything as specific as that - no.

Q. Do you read The Standard? What do you think of it?

A. Yes, I do. The content seems very variable, but it's certainly an encouraging venture.

R. Bruton.


I would like to thank Mrs. Lowe for the cake she so kindly donated for the above fund.

The raffle realised 3.00. The winner of the cake was Mr. J. Settle.

The amount of the above fund is now 336.00.

A. S. Kennerly.


A teddy bear to make a patient happy.

Female 4 Up

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If any ward would like a budgie please contact Female 4 Up.

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Following so soon upon the retirement of Mrs. Stephenson, we are sorry to hear of the departure of Mrs. Wright, another of our Chiropodists. The staff of the X-Ray, physiotherapy and clinics wish us to pass on their best wishes for the future.

Publications Committee
I would like to thank each and every one of the staff at Winwick for making my working life such a pleasant one.

Thank you for the flowers and gifts, which I was pleased to receive.

Irene Wright.

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Social Therapy Review   THE FILM SHOW

Have you noticed that on many of the geriatric wards the Social Therapy department has been spending some time showing films of various hospital functions, summer trips out, staff and patients' sports activities holidays, weddings and parties, As well as it being a pleasant way to spend an afternoon it serves a dual purpose in helping the patients feel part of the hospital, of a big family, if you like. As you will understand, many of our patients have out-lived their families and though every effort is made to compensate this on the ward I feel sure that some of our older people miss being part of a family unit, seeing themselves, their friends and members of staff on these films I'm sure gives them a great deal of pleasure and for a while, to themselves, they become somebody. "Look, it's me!", cried one old lady feeling important for a moment. It's something they talk about for days. I feel, that their feeling part of a large family unit is as important as their medication or treatment.


As the weekly cinema shows continue to "pack them in". I think that we ought to explain the duties of Social Therapy staff who attend. You may have noticed the staff counting exactly how many people are in the Recreation Hall, staff and patients alike. You may also have noticed that doors which are normally locked are locked open, this is for one reason only, fire risk, and it's no use thinking that it could never happen to us (for those are the famous last words)! Social Therapy staff are responsible only for evacuating the hall in case of fire and not for checking that patients do not wander off. We have been instructed in fire evacuation by Mr. Evans and although we hope that the need will never arise we feel confident enough to cope with any emergency and are sure of the full co-operation of the staff who are on duty at any particular time.

K. Appleton.

Club News

Darts & Dominoes

On Friday, 21st January, Winwick played the Nomads, and after a struggle managed to win the darts 4 - 3, but lost at Dominoes 2 - 3. This makes the team's League chances more difficult, but they are still in with a good chance.

Domino League K.O.

Winwick went through to the semi-final on Wednesday 19th, by beating the General Elliot 3 - 2.


On Thursday, 20th, Winwick 'A' played Alliance Box, losing 6 - 2. 'B' Team did not have a match this week.

W. Hamson.

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Elsewhere in the magazine, mention is made of the illness of Frank Callaghan, our club Steward. Members of the club were especially sorry to hear of Frank's sudden hospitalisation, and we hope that he soon has the strength to resume pulling pints behind the bar!

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Pharmacists Visit Winwick

On January 4th a group of post-graduate pharmacists from various hospitals in the Liverpool Region visited Winwick Hospital. The morning commenced with an explanation and observance of the E.C.T. technique, followed by an interesting talk by Dr. O'Flanagan on, amongst other things, some psychiatric conditions and the use of E.E.G. and X-Ray in diagnosis and neurosurgery. Then followed a visit to the Delph Hospital to view the unit specialising in the Clomipramine ("Anafranil") perfusion treatment, and a discussion led by Dr. Davies.

After lunch visits were made to the Operating Theatre, the E.E.G. department, the X-Ray department and F.3 Up. The pharmacists were most interested and impressed by the variety of techniques used in psychiatric hospitals, and especially impressed by the open way in which patients spoke of their problems and the benefits derived from the treatments. It is good that more and more from outside can come and learn what treatments are available in psychiatric hospitals.

My personal thanks are here given to all who co-operated in this project, not only to those Medical Officers, Unit Officers, Sisters, Nurses,and Departmental Heads who were visited, but also to those with whom tentative arrangements had been made but for which there was just not sufficient time for visits, - and not forgetting the forbearance of the dining-room staff when confronted by eleven hungry people ten minutes before closing time!

H. Taberner


Mrs. M. TaylorNursing Assistant
Miss. J. AdamsNursing Assistant (Miss Adams worked here last year as a temporary nurse, and we are pleased to see her return as one of our permanent staff)

Belated Congratulations to pupil nurse Andrea Banks (O.T. Department) who married Mr. N. Bates (3rd Year Student) last Saturday, 22nd January, at St. Mary's Church, Penketh. I'm sure that everyone would like to wish you both every success for the future.

The Patients and Staff of Male Industrial Therapy wish to offer their sincere thanks to those who kindly proffered their help in organising the annual party and making it such a happy and successful occasion. Special thanks must go to the Social Therapy department who spent much time in preparation for the party and the catering staff who supplied the food.

Mr. P. Boland.
We are sorry to hear that several of the staff are ill and in hospital, and we are sure you will join us in sending our wishes for a quick recovery to Malcolm Barr, Frank Callaghan and Jack Hudson.

Publications Committee