18th February, 1972Vol. 1. No. 37.


The debate on the relative merits of differently orientated methods of therapeutic ward management, and the theory underlying Social Therapy, continues this week. The Nurse Teaching Department Library is well-stocked with texts on both subjects.

Warm praise has come our way concerning the effectiveness of Mr. Bromley's use of our columns last week, and the prompt and complete reply. For our part, we wish to note the flexibility and tolerance of our unsung production group at Hollins House, which permitted the co-operative efforts of the Pharmacy and Path. Lab. to be so effectively highlighted.

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Social Therapy Review:

Team Work is necessary. A phrase often used but misunderstood. Every department in the hospital, I'm sure, regards themselves as a good 'team', Social Therapy included. What we should have is one big team. Likened to the wheel. The big wheel cannot turn without all the little 'cogs'.

To enlarge, we in the Social Therapy department feel that co-operation from the staff is invaluable and indeed necessary to the therapy our patients receive from us. If staff are enthusiastic on our venues, socials and P.E. etc., then it encourages our patients. We know, because we have seen the results both when staff join in and when they don't. If only everyone could forget their inhibitions and embarrassments and please help us to help our patients help themselves. I'm sure we would all receive a great deal of satisfaction from our work.

Once again our netball and football teams have shown their skill by defeating Cranage Hall Hospital at home on Thursday afternoon. The girls won by 28 goals to 16 and the men by 5 goals to 2. These teams are not made up wholly of short-stay patients but long term patients who are proving to be as skillful as anyone I have seen play.

K. Appleton.


Darts Winwick beat General. Elliot 5 - 2

Dominoes Winwick defeated General Elliot 4 - 1. The team were beaten in the League semi-final knockout by Nomads 4 -1.

Table Tennis 'B' Team Winwick were defeated by G.P.O. 10 - 6.


'A' team v. 'B' Team

Disco dance run by the entertainments section was once again a great success even though the Borough General dance was being held in the Recreation Hall on the same night. Let us hope for continued success in this new venture.

W. Hamson

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B O W L S  D A N C E

to take place in the Recreation Hall 17th March 1972

Tickets are available from:

Secretary: Mr. W. Poulson
Chairman:  Mr. Pilling
Treasurer: Mr. J.E. Wright

Mr. Aston Mr. Hampson Mr. Millington

S T A R  P R I Z E  T O  T H E  V A L U E  O F:


Dancing to the LES PETERS ORCHESTRA  Tickets £1.00


On Saturday, 12.2.72, I accompanied my wife, daughter and grandchild to Warrington.

We boarded a Warrington bus at the Poplars bus stop in Newton Road, Winwick. The bus which was of the single decker type, and pay as you enter, was full of passengers and two persons were standing.

My daughter was carrying her daughter and I carried a go-chair, I noticed that nearly all the seats were occupied by persons years younger than my wife or I, and our daughter was standing in the passage with the child in her arms. No persons made any attempt to allow her to sit with the baby, but one woman who I now know to be Winnie Groves, one of our patients got up from her seat to allow my daughter to sit.

I thought how nice to see this happen. I along with my family feel honoured to be associated with our hospital.

George Dilworth.

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The O.T. Department Cultural Centre would appreciate the gift of any ladies old coats, preferably clean, these are to be unpicked in order to teach patients to sew.

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Eureka! A Rep1y

At last, Social Therapy Review has brought some kind of response, Re. Nurse Molloy's letter (February 11th). It is most gratifying to know that someone has been moved to written reply by the past articles concerning Social Therapy policy.

However, it is disturbing to find Nurse Molloy, and undoubtedly others, who are so uninformed. Our involvement with short stay patients is minimal, quote "Are there not patients in this hospital to whom socials may hinder their return the the Community, rather than help?" unquote. There probably are. But wouldn't you agree that it is the responsibility of the nursing staff and M.O. on the ward to know these people and not to involve them in those activities, rather than herding as many as possible out of the ward and up to any social function.

Regarding the many other invaluable sources of therapy in the hospital - well, The Standard is a free voice, a means of communication and it would benefit everyone, I'm sure, if they would contribute a small article to inform people of their aims and activities.

K. Appleton
J. Jolley

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Methods of repression used without discrimination only cause the madness to start up again with increased vigour.

Soranus (AD98 -138)
G. Moon


No doubt the film shows on The Control of Fire, and, They Called it Fireproof, that have been praised so highly in recent issues of The Standard do make staff aware of the dangers of fire, but are film shows enough?

We feel that a fully trained auxiliary fire fighting team should be formed from Yard staff who are familiar with the geography of the hospital, the location and use of ladders, etc., their craft expertise could be an advantage, e.g. if the fire was caused by an electrical fault or a gas leak an electrician or plumber would be immediately available.

At least some yard men should be trained to deal with fires that may break out in our own department for some of the materials we work with such as paints, oils, spirits and timber, are highly inflammable.

Incidentally some of our staff have not seen the film shows or received instruction on the correct use of fire extinguishers.

So how about it Mr. Evans?

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Music While You Work

The painters would like to thank the anonymous person who requested Radio Merseyside to play a record to cheer them up on Friday 11th February.

J. Shaw.
Regarding our recent reference to the difficulty experienced by nursing staff in obtaining sandwiches, etc., from the dining room, we understand that the subject was raised at last weeks' Joint Consultative Staffs Committee meeting, where it was referred to the Nursing Staff Sub-Committee.

Their next meeting is on February 22nd.

Publications Committee.

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It has been suggested that a series of articles on the existing stock and facilities of our Library, coupled with a regular review of recent additions, would be of quite wide interest. It will also increase demand, so here goes.

One of the primary functions of a Library is the provision of works of reference. If you have ever wondered what the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were; needed to know how to protect your garden against bugs; puzzled over apostrophes and split infinitives; then you could have visited the Hospital Library with profit.

Besides other good works it contains:-

Chambers Encyclopedia 1950

Encylcopedia of Space /Hamlyn/1968
Picture Encyclopedia of Art /Thames & Hudson.

The Guinness Book of Records 1971
The Dunlop Book of Facts. 1966

Roses / Eric Bois
Costume/Illustrated Survey/ Margot Lister
Treasury of Angling /Larry Koller.

Family Lawyer /Newnes.

Penguin Dictionary of Quotations.
Quotations for Speakers and Writers/ Allen Andrews.

Usage & Abusage / Eric Partridge.

Should the labour of tracking down information put you off, the Library staff will be happy to give you a hand. An account of the most recent additions will be included in the next article,

R. Bruton.

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