31st March, 1972Vol. 1. No. 43.


Continuing our discussion on rumour, we see one of the main purposes of The Standard as the replacing of rumour by fact.

Again, if we are not being successful, whose fault is it?

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Readers of the Warrington Guardian will already know that the Committee, which met last Tuesday to consider our dispute with Frodsham, found our claim to be just, and awarded Winwick the game in question. This means that our match with Boteler G. S. this Tuesday is all that stands between us and the Warrington 2nd Division Championship. (I hope those don't turn out to be 'famous last words')

On Wednesday last we clinched the L.R.H.B. League by beating Sefton General 5 - 0. The match was played in a fine spirit, and Sefton are to be congratulated for this as our nearest rivals, Broadgreen, had defeated them 4½ - ½ the previous week in a last effort to hold us off.

R. Bruton.

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A modern sequence Dance will be held on Friday, May 26th 1972 in the Winwick Hospital Ballroom.

The Dance, which is from 8.00 p.m. till 1.00 a.m. is in aid of the Joint Consultative Staffs Committee and has been organised by Mrs. M. Milner.

Music will be by the John Whittle Band and tickets are 80p each, (including refreshments)

Publications Committee.

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I would like to say "Thank You" to all my friends at Winwick. To those who visited me, sent gifts, cards, good wishes, and made enquiries during my recent illness.

To both Infirmary Wards, Mr. Johnson, Dr. Davies, Mr. Dawson and his staff, I say "Thank You" for your attention and understanding during my brief stay with you.

Deputy Matron.
The monthly Branch meeting of the Confederation of Health Service Employees will he held on Monday, 3rd April at 8.00 p.m. in the Visiting room. All members are asked to attend.

B. McAuley,
Branch Secretary.
On Thursday, 23rd March, the first meeting of the Slimming Club took place. 17 people enrolled and the organisers were pleased with the successful start made.

Details of organisation have been worked out, and the club will meet each Thursday in the Female Gym between 8.00 p.m. and 9.45 p.m.

Publications Committee

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The patients and staff of Ward Female 1 Down would like to thank Miss B. Higham and the League of Friends for the bird cage which they have kindly presented to the ward.

D. McKendrick.

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What a load. of mumbo jumbo you spoke last week,
If only in a clear voice you dared speak.
Instead of feeding us on half of your information,
You should have practised your pet subject - communication.
Oh, what on earth were you spluttering about?
Why choke on it? Come on spit it out!
How dare Editorial Comment speak in a riddle,
Leaving us sat in the hole in the middle.

A. Hodkinson
F. C. Mort

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Readers who saw I.T.V.'s "Newsday" on Monday 20th March wi11 have seen Mr. Hodgkinson, Theatre Superintendent at Warrington Infirmary, demonstrating the space-age technique which has been incorporated into the new orthopaedic operating theatre there.

The technique, which was adapted from a similar idea in use at Wrightington Hospital, consists of a separate sterile area within the operating theatre - a theatre within a theatre - where the air is bacteriologically filtered and in which the actual operation takes place. Surgeons and nurses working within this area wear an outfit resembling a space suit, which has a special face piece, complete with microphone, from which expired air is removed via two flexible tubes to a point outside the theatre.

It was quite surprising to hear of this new concept in use in a hospital so near to us (a hospital incidentally, which will be part of the new Warrington Hospitals Group).

Publications Committee
Messrs. Aston and Bainbridge have asked us to inform staff that a directive has been received from the Department stating that meal charges for adult staff are to be increased from 1st April, 1972.

This increase is necessary to comply with the Ancillary Staffs Council Agreement, which states that meal charges are to be reviewed each April according to a formula applied by the Council.

A copy of the letter received is on display in the Dining Room.

Publications Committee

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I am sure our staff will be interested to hear that due to some re-organisation of area teams at the Regional Hospital Board as from April 1st 1972 Mrs. J. E. Old, Assistant Nursing Officer will be covering Winwick Hospital in place of Miss E. Brown. Many of our staff and patients will remember Mrs. Old, who was our Deputy Matron prior to her present post and look forward to working with her again. Our thanks and appreciation are extended to Miss Brown for the help and support she has given to Winwick Hospital in the last two years.

N. Coppack

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Social Therapy Review

The Social Therapy Department had two groups of patients and staff visiting the Hospital during the last week.

The first group, on Monday, were from Rainhill Hospital comprising of nine patients, a nursing officer, sister, and two student nurses. They spent six hours from 2 p.m. until 9 p.m. visiting various wards and departments, finishing with tea on Female 7 Up and a social on Female 4 Up. They were very impressed with our Hospital, and all of them enjoyed themselves. I would like to express our thanks to all concerned for making their visit so enjoyable.

On Thursday, Prestwich Ladies Netball teem and spectators were entertained, once again Winwick Ladies triumphed by 24 goals to 21, with only two matches left they have won 10 and lost only 1. Well done girls!

On Sunday Winwick played Sefton in the L.R.H.B. competition and won by 11 goals to 1. They now meet Broadgreen in the next round. Well done lads, all the best in the next round.

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During the course of our working day discussions take place between staff and patients.

Looking in the daily paper we saw advertised "The Gang Show" displayed by Warrington Scouts.

Quite a number of patients asked if we could arrange a trip over one evening, this was discussed at the beginning of the week and with the help of Social Therapy it was arranged for Friday evening last.

This trip was paid for out of their own wage packets.

The show started at 7.30 and went on till 10.30 the patients enjoyed it so much, refreshments were to be had which added to the enjoyment, the show itself was so good and varied that both staff and patients are looking forward to a repetition.

Female Industrial Therapy.

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Many of our readers will have seen the Staff News Sheet - published 23.3.72 - with a foreword by Councillor B. Eaves, J.P., Chairman of the Warrington Hospital Management Committee.

Regarding the amalgamation, all non-nursing members of existing staffs can be assimilated at either their present, or improved substantive, grading level.

The Vice-Chairman of the new H.M.C., operative from 1.4.72, is Mr. E.J. Naylor, M.P.S., M.R.S.H. The other members are:-

Alderman A. Boyle, Warrington
Mr. A. Blamire, M.B.E., L.D.S., Newton-le-Willows
Mr. A.E. Brown, J.P., Lowton
Dr. G.S. Cadogan, Culcheth
Dr. R.G. Forrest, Newton-le-Willows
Mrs. P.M. Gillet, B.A., A.I.M.S.W., Altrincham
Mrs. E.N. Kershaw, J.P., Newton-le-Willows
Mr. J.P. Philp, F.R.C.S., Newton-le-Willows
Mr. J. Richardson, Stockton Heath
Mr. G.C. Rylands, J.P., T.D., Stretton
Mr. R.W. Sephton, A.C.I.S., Appleton
Mrs. F.L. Thorn, Appleton
Mrs. J. Welsby, Rainhill

There will be two statutory sub-comittees - Finance and General Purposes, and Staff. Regular visiting of the Hospitals by H.M.C, members is to be organised forthwith. The Hospitals are -

Warrington General
Warrington Infirmary
The Maternity
Thelwall Grange

Temporary Headquarters of the Group will be Hollins House, while the Group Treasurer's Department remains at Aiken Street.

The following appointments have already been made -

Mr. E. Fox, Group Secretary
Mr. W.W. Lewis, Deputy Group Secretary
Mr. H. Lutz, Group Supplies Manager
Mr. F. Goodier, Group Catering Manager
Mr. H. Richards, Senior Assistant in Supplies
Mr. C.R. Wolfenden, Group Treasurer
Mr. G.A. Greenwood, Deputy Group Treasurer
Mr. B. Groarke, Assistant Treasurer.

Other appointments will be made very shortly following consultation with staff and their organisations.

The capacity of Winwick Stores is the subject of a survey concerning the possibility of establishing.a central store there.

It is proposed to adopt the Salmon Committee recommendations. The Management Committee will appoint a Chief Nursing Officer who will assist with subsequent appointments.

Other services, such as Catering, Engineering etc., will be considered by the Management Committee, following consultations with Heads of Departments and staff concerned.

Publications Committee.

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Welcome to:

Mrs. H. ThomasNursing Assistants
Mrs J. Leach

Returned from General Training, Mr. G. Say

Farewell to:

Mrs. K. PriorNursing Assistants
Miss J. Burke
Mrs. S. ClaytonS.E.N.
Mrs. M.M. SwiftT.N.A.

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Congratulations to the following on being successful in final examinations:-

Brenda M. Henderson
June Jamel
Brenda Leah
Neil A. Bates
David Hamilton
Lawrence Hyland
Alan Ravenscroft
Brian A. Hayes.

Tutorial Staff

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J.C.S.C. 1972-73

The names of the staff who have submitted nomination forms for election to the joint Consultative Staffs Committee for the coming year, are as follows:-

Administrative and ClericalMrs. M. Milner
Higher Clerical Officer,
Patients Bank.
Artisan StaffS. Jones, Electrician
J. Shaw, Painter
Domestic, Farm and GardensD. Porter, Telephonist
M. Seddon, Wardmaid
NursingT. Flaherty, Deputy Charge
C. Lythgoe, Ward Sister
B. McAuley, S.E.N.
D. McKendrick, Charge Nurse
B. Nugent, Student Nurse
Professional & Technical E. Bromley, Senior Clinical Psychologist
R. Bruton, Assistant Education Officer
B. Naylor, Art Therapist

Ballots are now taking place for election of members to the Nursing and Professional & Technical Sections and will be completed on Friday 7th April.

Publications Committee.

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