12th May, 1972Vol. 1. No. 49.


Soon we will be one year old.

The fact that we have managed to survive for this length of time is in itself almost a miracle although it may be debatable what level of efficiency The Standard has maintained in relation to its original purpose i.e. a partnership between management and staff providing better two way communications.

This is road strewn with difficulties and some pitfalls, but we feel we have gone a fair way toward making it smoother.

I feel that in the next few months a real partnership will be arrived at - a fifty fifty sharing of effort, responsibility and sincerity by all concerned.


Social Therapy Review

On Tuesday this week, the flower arranging afternoon began after a winter with no blooms. It was organised for the benefit of our geriatric ladies on East and West wings. However, we hope to have it on a different ward each week with the help of those in charge. If you would like this venue on your ward please contact the Social Therapy Department.

On Wednesday a coach trip was arranged for female 7 up and Male 7 up to a Variety Concert held at the Parr Hall, Warrington. It was a charity show staged by Dawsons of Warrington, which went on until 10.45 p.m. and was evidently very successful. There was no charge for the show but the coach fare was 15p per person.

The weekly visits to the baths are now arranged for Tuesday evenings. It would be a great help if patients wishing to go would contact the department early in the week and make staff allocation a little easier.

As you may know, the Regional Athletics meeting has been arranged for June 17th and entries must be in to Mr. Jolley, with the fee, by Tuesday 30th May. Training sessions have been arranged twice weekly, Tuesday 7.30 p.m., Thursday 7 p.m. It's up to you whether we have a team or not so we will be pleased to see you in the female gym on either or both of these two evenings,

K. Appleton.

Winwick Hospital Photographic Club

The photographic club is presenting an exhibition of members work (prints and slides) which is being held in the annexe to the Recreation Hall (Visiting Room) from May 11th to May 20th.

The exhibition is open daily from 11.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. and all are welcome.

D. Latham,
Hon. Secretary.

L.R.H.B. Sporting Activities

Billiards and Snooker Section

The Billiards Final beteen Winwick A v. Newsham will be held at Moss Side hospital on Wednesday, May 17th at 7.00 p.m.


Frank Layland
Tony Knight
Steve Cox
Joe Massey
Ted Wright
Terry Pilling

Any interested supporters please contact

Mr. J.E. Wright



Twenty Pre-Nursing Students from Newton Technical College will visit the hospital at 1.30 p.m. on 16th May and will pay a second visit at l.30 p.m. on the 18th May.

The Professional Hour for Registered Nurses will be held at 3.30 p.m. on the 18th May in the In-Service Training Room. Mr. E. Fox, Group Secretary will speak on 'Amalgamation'.

The second meeting of the 'Ward Sisters/Charge Nurses Hours of Duty Working Party' will be held on 15th May at 9.30 a.m.



This week the painting section has lost the services of its youngest and oldest members.

The youngest member being Ivor Gocdban, who has now completed his apprenticeship and has left to take up employment with Newton Urban District Council.

The oldest member is Bill Lane, who after 33 years of loyal service has retired to join the ranks of the senior citizens,

When Bill first started at the Hospital, he entered a world of strict security regimentation, a world in which Male and Female Patients and staff were kept in isolation, separated by locked doors with very little taking place in the way of social activities. The interior decor was dull and depressing, corridor walls being painted cream with brown tile dados and black floors; wards were usually painted in two colours, windows left bare and of course there were the padded rooms.

Although Bill was employed as a Craftsman Painter he will perhaps best be remembered for his skill as a signwriter for I feel sure that samples of his work will be seen around the hospital for some time to come, but I shall always remember first the lifetime of service he has given in trying to help his fellow worker.

Practically all his working life he has been an active trade unionist, giving freely, time and effort to improve the lot of his fellow painters. He was for many years Federation Steward and he also represented the Yard Staff on the J.C.C.

One of the ways of financing hospitals before the National Health Service came into being in 1948 was by voluntary contributions from workers in return for treatment, Bill Lane was the collector at Winwick Hospital for contributions to Warrington Hospitals.

He was Secretary of the Artisan Staff savings group, and Treasurer to the Yard, Farm and Gardens Annual Presentation Dinner started by Mr. Copeland in 1956.

As many of you will know his hobby is tinkering about with radio sets and over the years has become quite an authority on them. During the war he put his hobby to practical use by providing free radio service to all Military wards.

One could go on writing about the ways that Bill Lane was always showing consideration and help to his workmates but I'm sure that most that know him already realise this and know that while the signwriting may be well carried out by someone else the honest sincere quiet spoken man who was always ready to give sound advice or a helping hand will be very difficult to replace.

On behalf of all Yard Staff I would like to say to Bill, many thanks for services rendered and best wishes for a long and happy retirement, you are welcome around here any time, we hope to see you from time to time.

Wasted Effort

While we are sorry to see Bill Lane go we would welcome the retirement of that antiquated piece of transporting equipment more suited to the 1870s than the 1970s. I refer to the wobbly wheeled ex-coffin truck which we are forced to use to transport equipment and materials around the hospital and requiring a great deal of effort - mostly wasted effort - which the Work Study Department are committed to reducing as much as possible.

So how about some study work on the Yard Transport situation then we can bury the coffin truck.

J. Shaw


Letters to the Editor

The (unsigned) article concerning the Catholic Nurses' Guild (The Standard No. 48) states "As every nurse knows, the aims of the guild are to help us spiritually, professionally and socially." Whilst these may be the aims which this organisation wishes to publicise, it would be equally true to give as its central purpose the promotion of the Catholic Church's dogmatic views on matters relevant to the health services (e.g. abortion, family planning) via the nursing profession.

The good Catholic may find nothing objectionable in this restatement of the Catholic Nurses' Guild's raison d`etre, However, the conscientious nurse should give careful consideration to the invitation to become part of this process.

As a professional person, the nurse is seen by members of the public as someone with particular knowledge of health matters. It is therefore the responsibility of the nurse to be aware of new trends and information affecting his or her store of knowledge, regardless of how personally satisfying such ideas prove to be. Just as it is irresponsible for the nurse to perpetuate myths such as "only dirty people have lice", so too is it a failure of professional duty if one maintains a narrow bigoted viewpoint of complex social issues.

In attempting to reconcile his or her professional knowledge with the doctrines which are an essential part of organisations such as the Catholic Nurses' Guild the nurse is in danger of limiting his or her usefulness to the health services and the community. Far better for the public if nurses work together as nurses irrespective of beliefs.

D. McKendrick

More Cash for L. R. H. B.

It was reported recently in the Liverpool Echo that £200,000 has been allotted for improvements in the care of long-stay mentally handicapped, mentally ill and elderly patients in hospitals within the Liverpool Region.

A further £100,000 has been set aside for more improvements should a report on the region's hospitals, by the Hospital Advisory Service find that they do not meet the new minimum standards laid down last year by the Department of Health.

The latest spending will provide increased staff, especially clerical and domestic, and improved surroundings.

An important innovation for the Warrington Hospitals Group will be the appointment of a Voluntary Services organiser, following the success of a similar appointment at Chester.

D. McKendrick.
It vould appear that the Liverpool Echo were in advance for the Hospital Management Committee received yesterday advice of the Board's recommendations and proposals for improvements of standards in hospitals for the mentally handicapped, mentally ill and elderly during 1972-73 and arrangements are to be made for discussions in this connection.


Mr. Geoffrey Moon informs us that there have been quite a few happy events in the aviary. Mothers and children are doing well.

Welcome To:

Mrs. I. Webb S.E.N.
Mr. C. Farrell P/N
Mrs. E. Foster Deputy Sister
Mr. N.M. Pottaya Pre-Student arrived from Mauritius