25th August, 1972Vol. 2. No. 12.

Editorial Comment

Hard on the heels of the report from the 0 & M team stating that a Pilot Study in Participative Management is envisaged, comes the news that the firm of management consultants involved has begun its preliminary work.

Once again may we point out that "The Standard" can have a useful part to play in the expression of opinion, which is a necessary part of any process of change where people are involved.


Due to difficulties caused by holiday leave, Part VIII of our series on the Industrial Relations Act has been held over until next week.

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Social Therapy Review

On Thursday 17th August visitors from Prestwich Hospital came to play rounders. Unfortunately the weather prevented this from taking place. We asked our visitors if they would like to see the film 'Good-bye Mr. Chips' to which they all agreed. What a farce! What happened to Mrs. Chips? Why do the films have to be cut? If they are long, then can't they be started earlier and finish a little later?
J. Devine.


Once again 'The Standard' is running short of contributions. To be effective, we need a constant supply of news, views and articles, and rely upon you, the readers, to make these pages interesting. Don't hesitate - write! Address your letters to:

"Publications Committee",
   'The Standard'.
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Publications Committee.

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Taking a walk the other evening, in our delightful grounds, I was disgusted at the condition of the patients cemetery, it is impossible to recognise who is buried there.

If cremation is too expensive for the 'State', surely we can give then a little better dignity than this.

H. Appleton.

The Photographic Society

Are you interested in Photography? The Hospital has an active photographic club which is open to members of staff, their relatives and friends. All matters relating to photography are dealt with by the club members and, in addition, visiting experts in various fields give members the benefit of their experience.

The social aspect of the club must not be overlooked, bringing with it the sharing of a mutual interest, and the opportunity of making new friends. The fact that you do not possess a camera need not deter you from joining. Your views and ideas will be appreciated by other members,

Camera owners will find the club beneficial from the start. For beginners the club provides a means to make rapid progress towards better photography. Those who are more advanced will be an asset to the club, and in addition their own scope will be widened.

New ideas are always welcome to extend the activities of members. Some current activities are - portrait nights, tape-lectures with colour slides, visiting experts, film shows, developing films, processing colour film, enlarging, art appreciation etc.

It might pay YOU to pay US a visit. There is no annual subscription to pay. Various facilities are provided by the Hospital for Club members' use. Tea. and biscuits are provided.

CLUB NIGHT - Every Monday at 8.00 p.m, in the room adjoining F.l Up. Come along you will be made welcome.

E. Miller
J. Broome

Defense de Fumer

In 1962/63, the Royal College of Physicians issued their Report, emphasising that smoking - particularly cigarette smoking - was a great danger to health, and that smoking was undoubtedly the major cause of lung cancer. Since that report much has been said and written by leading medical authorities throughout the world, particularly in America, not only substantiating it, but also providing further evidence that smoking is a contributory factor in many other early deaths, particularly those occuring from coronary thrombosis.

The number of deaths from lung cancer has been increasing each year, and the total of deaths from this dreadful disease in 1967 was 20,000, with female deaths almost at the same level as male. I wonder what the number will have to be before the Minister of Health takes some positive action - at least a prolonged. anti-smoking campaign, and the setting up of anti-smoking clinics in hospitals.

It's an ironic fact that large business firms, like Marks and Spencer's, do not permit smoking in their establishments, yet hospitals, whose only business is the health of their patients and staff, actually encourage smoking, particularly Psychiatric hospitals, where many doctors and nurses walk about the corridors and wards smoking cigarettes - a few even going about their duties puffing great clouds of smoke from dirty, smelly pipes.

May I appeal to you smokers to see the red light, and "pack it up". It's difficult, and much will-power is needed to overcome the habit but with determination it can be completely mastered. Many thousands of addicted smokers are overcoming their addiction, and at the present time 46% of the adult population are non-smokers.

Shortly after overcoming the smoking habit, you will feel much better in health, get up in the morning without coughing and spitting, have much more money in your bank account - but above all, the odds of your premature death from lung cancer will be remote. YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE.

Nosmo King.

Trade Union News   C.O.H.S.E.

. At a meeting of the trade union side of the Ancillary Staffs Council held on 28th July, consideration was given to the current pay levels of health service ancillary staffs and certain of their major conditions of service.

As a result, it is intended to submit claims as follows:

a) A substantial increase in all existing rates of pay;
b)A 'threshold' type arrangement that would protect any settlement, during the period of its currency, from erosion due to increases in the cost of living;
c)A 35 hour working week;
d)Four weeks' annual leave after twelve months' service.

The trade union side intend to make reference to their claim in greater detail at the annual meeting of the Council on 15th September.

Publications Committee

Building Trades Dispute

The effects of the building trades' dispute has now spread to our hospital, On Monday, 21st August, members of U.C.A.T.T. employed by Naylor and Walkden's, (the contractors responsible for the building side of the ward upgrading programme), withdrew their labour.

Publications Committee


Ian HulmeApprentice Gardener
G. J. DohertyPre-Student


M. CostelloT.N.A.