29th September, 1972Vol. 2. No. 17.

Editorial Comment

With regard to the review of the present form and future development of The Standard, the Publications Committee have requested a meeting of the Communications Sub-Committee of the J.C.C. where they will suggest -

That weekly publication be maintained.
That a Group Magazine should be started in addition to The Standard.
That The Standard is a 'proper channel', and is useful to the Hospital community when it focusses attention on areas of difficulty.
That the general news and views content of the magazine be increased.

The two cases have now been outlined. YOUR VIEWS, preferably in writing, will carry a great deal of weight when the Communications Committee meet on Wednesday, 4th October, 1972.

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Social Therapy Review

Last Thursday, 21st September, saw the end of the cricket season which culminated in a Champions v. The Rest match which this year was held at our own hospital. All the teams were represented and after the match, which was won by The Rest, every one took their places in the Recreation Hall for the presentation. After a welcoming speech by Mr. Jolley, Mr. Proctor from Royal Albert addressed the assembly and expressed his pleasure on the catering arrangements especially as in previous years only the players had been provided with a meal and the rest had sandwiches on their coach. The Catering Department and Mr. Curtis deserve a special thank you for the beautiful buffet and lay-out of the room which was superb. Mr. Jolley then stood in for Dr. Ward to present the trophy to Langho and medals to the runners-up, Winwick. The merit cup was presented to Cranage Hall Hospital. Thanks to everyone concerned for a splendid afternoon in all respects.

On November 11th the annual cross-country running competition will take place once again at Deva Hospital. We should like to be able to enter two ladies and gents teams if it's possible and would be pleased if anyone remotely interested would come down to the gym and at least have a try at the distance which is 1,000 yards for ladies and 3 miles for gents. The training sessions for the ladies will take place during the lunch-time and everyone is welcome.

K.. Appleton

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Ward Upgrading

As from Thursday, September 28th, ward Male 3 Up has closed. The patients have been transferred to wards Male 4 Up, Male 5 Up, Male 8 Middle and Female 5 Up.

Charge Nurse L. Bayliss is taking charge of Male 7 Down.

Publications Committee

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Almost There

We hear that the re-naming of the wards is shortly to take place, and we look forward to publishing the winning entry and the list of prizewinners.

Publications Committee

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Chess Club News

Bobby Fischer's victory in the World Championship has probably overshadowed Winwick's success in the Warrington League last season, but we have now collected our trophy as Division II winners - a handsome gold king, suitably inscribed. It is ours only for this season, and can be viewed in the Social Therapy Trophy cupboard.

On a less euphoric note, the new season begins soon. We are now in Division I of the Warrington League, and it is safe to say that any player who manages a 50% score over the season will have played well. The L.R.H.B. League meeting has not yet taken place, but there is no reason to doubt that there the competition is less severe, and we could again do well.

Bearing in mind that the L.R.H.B. fixtures are not yet known, here are the first few matches:-

Tuesday, October 3rd v. Runcorn & Widnes 'B' Home.
Thursday, October 12th v. Y.M.C.A. Ist Away.
Monday, October 30th v. Appleton Thorn Away or Runcorn & Widnes 'C' Home in the first round of the Peninsula Cup.

R. Bruton.

Trade Union News

All members of the Winwick branch of the Confederation of Health Service employees are reminded that the next branch meeting will take place at 9.00 p.m. on Monday, 1st October, in the In-Service Training Room, when further discussion will take place on the appointment of Union Stewards.

It is also hoped that members will make their views known on the suggestions for the Hospital magazine.

B. McAuley.

Catering Department

Mr. Bainbridge has asked us if we will again draw people's attention to the procedures to be followed when complaints occur at ward level. They are as follows.

The nurse in charge should be informed
He, or she, should immediately inform the Catering Department of the complaint.

In the event of any complaint, it is in everyone's interest that these procedures should be followed promptly.

Publications Committee

Warrington Snooker Section 1972/73

Season's first fixtures Thursday October 5th start.

Alliance Box v. Winwick 'B' 7.00 o'clock start.

Winwick 'A' v St. Austins B.L.B. 7.30 start.

Billiards. No fixtures out yet.

Snooker practise Monday night 7.30.

P. Hastry.

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Free Contraception Plan

Everyone over the age of 16 years in towns including Warrington will be eligible for free family planning advice and contraceptives, if a scheme being put before the Cheshire County Council gains approval.

The scheme, which has been recommended by the County Council Health Committee, would be an extension of the present service provided by the Cheshire authorities, whereby free advice is available to everyone and free advice and supplies are provided for medical cases and people with a low income. Coming into operation in 73 or 74, the plan would affect Warrington when the town is incorporated into the new Cheshire district. It would operate partly from existing clinics and health centres and partly at the homes of those seeking the service.

The cost of the proposed new family planning service is estimated at about 60,000 per year, and it would be supported by a 6,000 poster publicity campaign.

Publications Committee


Congratulations from us to Mr. Eric Critchley on his recent promotion to the post of Assistant Chief Male Nurse. Mr. Critchley has for some time been Charge Nurse of ward M.2A (at present M.7 Down) and is also an Examiner for the General Nursing Council for England and Wales.

Publications Committee

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Twelve months ago..........

Charge Nurse Geoff Moon spoke about his work in the first of the series "Perspectives"...

Charge Nurse Les Bayliss sought comments from staff on the subject of patients' holidays ....

Mr. J. Bartholomew, Domestic Superintendent took up residence in his new office.....

Nurses J. Pennington and M. Hewitt lamented the apparent increase in non-nursing duties.....

Publications Committee

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We liked the story heard recently of a certain charge nurse here who was asked to speak to the wardmaid about her somewhat excessive familiarity. "I hope you don't mind," he explained, "but it can be rather embarrassing, especially in front of visitors."

"Oh,". she replied, "that's all right cock."

Publications Committee.
On Friday, 22nd September, 1972 Rev. Dean Mr. Dillon, Parish Priest of St. Stephen's, Sandy Lane, Orford retired from the Parish and went to live in Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

During the twenty years Father Dillon has been in Warrington he has been closely connected with Winwick Hospital, this forming part of his parish.

Most of our patients and staff, whether catholic or non-catholic, have come to know and respect him over the years and the affection in which he was held was evident by the collection which amounted to a total of 30.

Dr. W.P. Walsh and myself went to see Father Dillon on the Thursday prior to his departure and presented him with a cheque for the above amount.

He wished us to convey to everybody who contributed his very sincere thanks and he hoped to write and do this himself. He is however in poor health and if he fails to write, I'm sure we will all understand.

M.T. Downey.

Works Study - Part Five

The Human Factor - The Work Study Man

What type of man is required to become a successful Work Study man? The ideal man for the job is almost too good to be true and is likely to be found very rarely, and if he is he will quickly leave the ranks of work study men to rise to greater heights, Nevertheless there are certain qualifications and quantities which are essential for success.

He should be well educated so that he can benefit fully from a full work study training course, although there may be a few exceptions, since certain people have special aptitudes for this type of work.

It is desirable that candidates for posts as work study specialists should have had practical experience in the industries in which they will be working. This experience should include a period of actual work at one or more of the processes of the industry. Having worked at a manual job will enable them to understand what it means to do a day's work under the conditions in which the ordinary workers with whom they will be dealing have to work.

The work study man must be sincere and he must be honest; only in this way will he gain the confidence and respect of those with whom he has to deal, he must be enthusiastic and really keen in his job and be able to transmit his enthusiasm to the people around him. He must be able to get along with people at all levels, and to get along with people it is necessary to be interested in then and able to see their point of view.

Tact in dealing with people cones from understanding people and not wishing to hurt their feelings by unkind or thoughtless words even when these may be justified, without tact no work study man is going to get very far.

To inspire confidence in him among the people with whom he has to work he must be neat and tidy and look efficient.

He must have self-confidence and this can only come with good training and experience of applying work study successfully. He must be able to stand up to top management, foremen, trade union officials or workers in defence of his opinions and findings, and do so in such a way that he will win respect and not give offence.

It will be seen from these requirements that the results of work study, however "scientifically" arrived at, require to be applied with art, just like any other management technique. In fact, the qualities which go to make a good work study man are the same qualities which go to make a good manager. Work study is an excellent training for young men destined for higher management. People with these qualities are not easy to find, but the careful selection of men for training as work study specialists will repay itself in the results obtained, in terms both of increased productivity and of improved human relations in the establishment.

J. Shaw

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Welcome to:A. Connor D.C.N.
R. Emerson D.C.N.
A. Marsh S.E.N.
Farewell to: L.A. Holderness Temp. Holiday.
A. Evans Temp. Holiday
E.G. Heaton Deputy Ward Sister
L.A. Hankinson Pupil Nurse
E. Briscoe S.E.N.
S. J. Bond Pupil Nurse
B. Ward, Nursing Assistant
N. Gaskell Nursing Assistant
K. Van-Dusen Cadet Nurse
A. Akodolu, Pharmacy Technician.

Mr. G. O'Mahoney, Nurse Teaching Department, will be attending a middle Management Course next week.

On 1st October, Deputy Charge Nurses N. Bates, T. Dunn and A. Ravenscroft commence 18 months training at Whiston Hospital for their S.R.N. certificate, whilst Charge Nurse C.J. Leigh returns from general training at Warrington General.

On Wednesday, October 4th, the regular meeting of the Head of Nursing Services and the Student Nurses takes place in the Nurse Teaching Department.

Publications Committee

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