18th May, 1973Vol. 2. No. 46.

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We understand that, in common with wardmaids, the night staff have had difficulties in obtaining copies of The Standard. Should we run off more copies, or is this a problem which can be left to Charges and Sisters now that it has been brought up?

Our irregular appearances are now, hopefully, a thing of the past, and we trust that our apologies to everyone who has been inconvenienced will be taken as read.

* * *



Mr. D. Lynn, a lecturer in Sociology at Padgate Training College, spoke on 26th April on the development and work of this organisation to senior nursing staff in the In-service Training Room.

In an entertaining and often forthright way Mr. Lynn left no one in any doubt of the size of the problem of the homeless, and the obstacles which lie in the way of its resolution. He gave a brief history of the foundation and motivation of 'Shelter' (remember 'Cathy come Home'?) and outlined the three main aspects of its work - provision of accommodation, agitation for more attention to the problem, and education of the general public. As a charity 'Shelter' relies on fundraising and voluntary help for the most part, but as housing, or the lack of it, is a political problem the charity status could be jeopardised by too great an emphasis on the political side. Nevertheless, while a greater degree of co-ordination at local goverment level is highly desirable, the only long-term solution is more and cheaper houses.

In some areas 'Shelter' has been able to negotiate a legalised squatting system with the local council, whereby voluntary help is used to improve near-derelict property so that families in desperate circumstances can move in. (Apparently it is not uncommon for councils to split up families and take the children into care, even where the cost exceeds that of rehousing them as 'Shelter' does.)

A series of slides emphasized the cost of the housing problem in human terms.

Shortage of time curtailed a lively question and answer session, and those present warmly seconded Mr. Critchley's vote of thanks for a most interesting and thought-provoking lecture.

J.C.C. Staff Side Dance

In the Recreation Hall, Friday May 25th, 8.00 pm - 1.00 am.
Bars - Spots - Raffles
Latin American demonstration by Derek Young and Pauline Scott Moore.
Modern Sequence Dances
MCs Harry and Winnie Bate, ABATD.
Tickets 80p - including refreshments - Mrs. M. Milner, Bank.

Cheque for League of Friends

A cheque for £75 has been handed over by Councillor Alan Humphreys, Chairman of Warrington Rural District Council, to Mr. Edward Corker, a member of the Committee of the Hospital's League of Friends. The money came from the proceeds of the Chairman's Civic Ball Raffle and donations.


Coach Trips

Details of this Year's coach trips, organised by the League of Friends, have recently been provided. A 41-seater coach will be used for each trip, and two L of F members will accompany the patients and staff.

There will be a total of six trips between June and September; two to St. Anne's on Sea, two to Morecambe and two to Colwyn Bay. In each case light refreshments will be supplied by the Catering Department, and the coach party will have high tea at a local restaurant.


Gala Day

Practice night for teams judges and stewards - Tuesdays, at 6.30 in the Gym.

J. Devine

Gala Queen Dance

Held on Friday, 11th May.

The only clear information we can give about this function is the result of the Gala Queen contest -
1st. Deborah Twist.
2nd. Beryl James.
3rd. Jointly, Elaine Jennings and Maureen Cook.


The sale of 'Florence Nightingale' Flags recently realised £11. Thanks to all who gave so generously.

Miss O'Rourke.

* * *


Among decisions reached by the Board at a meeting on 3rd May are two of particular interest- £50,000 is to be spent at this hospital on the installation of automatic fire-detectors in unsupervised areas; and £45,000 for improvements to residential accommodation at hospitals throughout the Region. Most of this latter expenditure is to make better provision for young doctors, who are obliged to live in hospital during training.


* * *

£250,000 for Whiston and Rainhill

A quarter of a million pounds is to be spent on two new units for neighbouring hospitals in the St. Helens area.

Rainhill Hospital is to have a £100,000 clinic for the treatment of alcoholics, and Whiston Hospital will have a new £150,000 operating theatre.

The go-ahead for the new theatre has been granted by the Regional Hospital Board and work on the project will start in June. The theatre will be sited next to the existing three main theatres, and when completed is expected to cut down the waiting list of patients for surgery.

The Rainhill clinic will be built next to the hospital's Benedict Clinic, and will provide facilities for 20 people to undergo six week treatment courses.



Fires in the Foam Plastic Upholstery

Foamed plastic materials burn readily, evolving copious quantities of smoke, They can easily be fired with a flame similar to that from a lighted match.

When burning, foamed plastic generates large quantities of thick smoke, at least twice as dense as that from wood, Not only is this smoke dense, it is also poisonous and its temperature is unusually high. This indicates that if a person had to escape along a corridor under a layer of smoke near ceiling, the downward radiation of heat would be sufficient to set light to his hair and probably his clothing.

Most fires produce carbon monoxide and also hydrogen cyanide.

This may explain the fact that some people appear to have suffered long-term effects from inhaling the smoke and the fumes.

The best way of extinguishing these fires if they are in the house is to use plenty of water, from bowls, saucepans, buckets, extinguishers or garden hoses.

It is usually safest to deal with a fire where it is, without attempting to move the burning furniture out of the room. Such attempts often cause the furniture to flare up and it then has to be abandoned. If as a result the burning furniture is left in a doorway or a passage, or on a staircase, this may block the means of escape for the occupants and assist the rapid spread of fire, sometimes with tragic results.

Always ensure that the fire brigade is called.

C, Evans


Gala Day Stall

Are you spring cleaning? Your White Elephants are needed for the stall on Gala Day.
You bring it - I'll sell it.
All contributions to Sister Lathom, Ward 14.

Burtonwood Community Centre

An "It's, a Knockout" contest is planned by Burtonwood Community Centre Committee to raise money to help furnish a new community centre at present under construction in the district. The event will be in August.

PC leer Sale

For Sale

Black and Decker hedge trimmer and extension lead. £4.00 o.n.o. Box No. 6

* * *


Welcome to:

Mr. R.J. McArthur c/n
Mr. L.G. Sayer S.E.N.
Mr. B. Wells n/a
Mr. P. Stankus Cadet

Farewell to:

Mrs. H. Warburton D.W.S. who has obtained a Ward Sisters post at NEWCHURCH HOSPITAL.
Miss C. Freeman D.W.S. to take General Training.
Mrs. M. Roche T.N.A.

History was made at Winwick last week. Miss N. Coppack was married to Dr. Middlefell on Thursday, 10th May, 1973. This is the first time a Matron of Winwick Hospital has married whilst in post.

We offer her our congratulations and very best wishes for her happiness in the years to come.

Cadet Nurse Debbie Twist was chosen as the first Gala Queen at the Dance held on Friday, 11th May, 1973. We offer Debbie our sincere congratulations and look forward to seeing her crowned on Gala Day.

Technical Nursing Library

New books available on loan -

'Psychiatry' - Lee & Sclare
'Mental Illness and Civil Liberty' - C. Greenland
'The Story of Nursing' - J. M. Calder
'Medicine Through the Ages' - G. R. Davidson
'Diseases of the Nervous System' - Brian & Walton
'Family Process' - N. Ackerman
'Psychology -, Principles and Applications - M. E. Madigan
'Basic Clinical Physiology' - J. H. Green
'Pharmaccloy for Nurses' - R. E. Bailey
'Practical Nursing' - Houghton & Chapman
'Orthopaedics for Nurses' - Davies & Stone

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