22nd May, 1973Vol. 2. No. 47.

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Chess Club News

Regional Board Competition

Last Tuesday was the Final of the LRHB KO competition in which Winwick played Rainhill. The match was unusual in that it was agreed to let the score stand as the result of our second league match with Rainhill as well - two games in one. It was further spiced in that Eric Bromley (hereinafter referred to as the Accused), who had already played very successfully for Winwick this season, was playing top board for our opponents by virtue of the fact that he recently obtained the top Psychology post there. Congratulations, incidentally. Broadgreen offered their services as host for the match, and looked after us very well indeed.

With the score at 1½ each (L. Bayliss 1, J. Jolley ½ and M. Price, who stepped in at very short notice, 0) both J. Minshull and R. Bruton had won games for Winwick. Bruton offered a draw in order to preserve his opponent's very fine unbeaten record this season, only to discover that Dr. T. McLeod had made himself feel terrible by achieving stalemate on Bd. 3.

Which made the match score 2½ each.

A rather strained atmosphere was relieved when it was agreed that the Board Elimination Rule must apply to break the tie. Under this rule the bottom board score is discounted, and as Rainhill had won on this board Winwick took the match. Justice, we think, was done in a very hard-fought match, and it remains only to compliment Rainhill on their sturdy, and almost successful, resistance.

P.S. Although Winwick are LRHB KO Champions, it is not yet clear whether we will also win the League Competition, although a clean sweep is very much on the cards.

R. Bruton.
Chess Club Secretary.

Cricket News

The Winwick Hospital Staff team are involved in three competitions this year. There is of course, the annual tussle with the Colwyn Bay Fire Brigade at home on Saturday, July 7th, when the majority of our team are also members of our Fire Brigade.

In the LRHB KO Cup we have a bye in the 1st Round, and are at home to the Regional Board's team in the 2nd Round, which is to be played on Friday, 8th June, at 6.15 p.m. This year sees the first entry of a team from Warrington. We look forward to some Group successes in the future.

The third Competition is the NALGO KO Cup. This competition covers the North West of England, from North Wales up to Westmoreland, and is open to teams consisting of NALGO members. Our first round opponents are Preston, and the match is to take place at Winwick before the 9th June. Further dates and details will be published when available. We hope that many will be able to take advantage of the entertainment value of these sporting fixtures.

J. A. Jolley.
Cricket Representative.

Social Club News

Members Notice - a Soul Disco

All the sounds of the past present and probably the future. There is full coverage of the Current Charts, Friday 25th May (and every Friday unless otherwise stated) 9-12. All guests welcome.


As a student nurse on a long-stay ward, I find that many patients are approaching me with requests which relate to the hospital's Gala Day; unfortunately, I find that, to a large extent, I am unable to answer these questions. My enquiries of other members of staff have elicited such replies as -

I only know what I've heard other people say.
Gala Day, when is it? and so on.

At this stage, with the actual day less than a month away, it is surely time for a little more publicity around the hospital in the form of posters and programmes, for the benefit of staff, of patients and ultimately of the Gala Day itself.

J. C. Adams.

Gala Queen Dance

This exciting occasion, on which the Gala Queen was to be chosen, finally attracted 33 competitors. Dancing commenced at 7.00 p.m. to the music of the Meddle Discotheque, and at 8.00 p.m. the contestants made their first appearance.

The four judges, whose difficult task it was to make the choice of Gala Queen, were Mrs. P. Ditchburn wife of our C.N.O., Mrs. P. Birchall and Mrs. A. Morrison, League of Friends, and Mr. A. Simpson Group Secretary of Birkenhead H.M.C. They must be praised for the way in which they carried it out.

From the original 33 a final 16 were selected, and at 9.30 the final placings as announced last week were made.

The commentator for the evening was Mr. J.H. Bartholomew, who did a very professional job.

All the competitors who entered must be praised for their poise and cheerfulness, despite the excitement and 'tension' which the occasion caused.

Hospital Secretary.

* * * *


I would like to thank the Laundry Staff for the kind return of the money I left in my uniform pocket.

Susie Kay,
Night Duty.
The show put on in the Recreation Hall last week by the Lowton Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society, 'The Student Prince', was a first class performance.

What a pity that out of a total of 2,000 patients only 215 came to see it. Furthermore, only 45 were able to stay to the end, the large majority having been taken back to their wards at 8.25.

D.J. Devine.

* * * *


Farewell to:

Len Healey, Joiner, who has retired, and to Dave Smith, Foreman Bricklayer, who has gone to work in Bolton.

Buying and Selling?

We received six enquiries for the Black and Decker Trimmer advertised last week.. Never mind the Liverpool Echo - get your free ads in THE STANDARD.



Farewell to: Miss B. Dewsnip - Student Nurse.

We were sorry to learn of the death of Jack Burton, SEN, who died on 14th May. Jack, who had worked here since January 1960, had only just returned to work after a long illness.

* * * *

We would like to say a very big thankyou to all at Winwick Hospital, for the many magnificent presents and messages of good-will, on the occasion of our wedding.


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