30th May, 1973Vol. 2. No. 48.

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Editorial Comment
Gala Day Preparations
Twelve Months Ago
Union News
Nursing News

The disappointing record of The Standard recently, and in particular the size of this week's issue, prompts me to quote from a survey of other hospital journals carried out in 1971.

Contents vary according to official policy, editorial skill, size and frequency of publication and response from readers, but all of the following topics can be found in the 23 examples examined during the survey.


Details of current expenditure with simple explanations.
Description of the work of various departments of the hospital.
Constitution and powers of committees.
Committee decisions with explanations and reasons for action taken.
List of recent H.M. Circulars.
Descriptions of experiments and trials.
Notes on the commissioning of new departments.
Letters of appreciation from patients.
Minutes of J.C.S.C. Meetings.
Brief description of Ministry and Whitley Council regulations.
Routine instructions to staff.
Outline of future plans.
Information on scholarships, training courses etc.
Historical background of the hospital.


Staff appointment and resignations.
Retirements and appreciations.
Obituaries and tributes.
Births and marriages.
Examination results.
Prize lists.
News of past members of Staff.
Vacancies within and outside the hospital.
Profiles of hospital personalities.


Weekly diary.
Sports activities.
Club News.
League of Friends news.


Articles on hobbies.
Chaplain's notes and 'sermonettes'.
Articles on items of current interest.
Articles on other aspects of hospital work.
Book reviews.


Sale and exchange.
Accommodation wanted and to let.
Jokes and crossword puzzles, competitions.
Humorous true stories.


Reports on conferences and training courses attended by staff.

In theory, none of these is beyond the reach of The Standard, and in practice, if you take a pencil and go through the back numbers, we have already achieved a large number of them.

Why do you think The Standard is in such a precarious position?

* * * *


The letter in the Standard dated 22nd May precipitated the final stages in the plans for Gala Day 1973.

Our publicity campaign started with the selection of the Gala Queen, whose photograph subsequently appeared in the Local press. This will be followed on Friday the 1st of June by a Gala preview in the Newton and Golborne News.

Programmes should be on sale by Monday 4th June, these were delayed pending the confirmation of a celebrity to open the event. Bob Greaves the T.V. personality has now agreed to open the Gala Day.

Car stickers are now appearing in windscreens. In this way the event has been advertised throughout the area.

The programme for the day is as follows:-

3.00 p.m.
2.00 p.m.Grand Parade
2.25 p.m.Crowning Ceremony (Queen lands by helicopter)
2.30 p.m.It's a Knockout
Gymnastics Display
3.30 p.m.Morris Dancers (Saint Phillips)
3.45 p.m.Dog Display
4.15 p.m.Lymm Scottish Dancers
4.30 p.m.Children's Races
5.00 p.m.Morris Dancing
5.30 p.m.Band
5.45 p.m.
Closing speech - prize presentation.

We will also have a display of judo, a Gymkhana, pony rides, rides on the Burtonwood Express and tractor and trailer rides to the Farm and Gardens which will be opened for the day.

There will be a variety of stalls and side-shows.

Starting at 8.00 p.m. there will be a dance in the larger marquees, with a disco.

* * * *


Winwick and Newchurch Hospital Management Committee met for the last time, and the Warrington Hospital Management Committee took its place.

Winwick Weightwatchers' Club was formed.

Inspectors of the General Nursing Council for England and Wales visited the hospital.

The Hospital Advisory Service team paid a return visit to us.

An Officer Working Party was set up to examine the hours of duty of Ward Sisters and Charge Nurses.

We advertised a Poetry Competition.

The Swimming Pool Fund stood at £341.24.

* * * *



The monthly meeting of the Confederation of Health Service Employees takes place on Monday next, June 4th, in the In-Service Training Room.

By that date all ballot papers for the election of the new General Secretary of the Union should have been returned.

B. McAuley,
Branch Secretary.



2 speed electric drill.Box No. 7
Car Radio.Box No. 8

* * * *


Farewell to:-

Mr. John Pennington S.E.N.On retirement
Mrs. P. KerfootN/A
Miss N. WiltonN/A
Mrs H. M. RobertsN/A
Mrs, D. McCannN/A

Welcome to:-

Mrs. R. BhunjunN/A
Mr. R.F. GreenN/A

Technical Nursing Library

New books available on loan -

'Handbook for Psychiatric Nurses' - T. Roberts

'Do-It-Yourself Revision for Nurses' (Nos. 1-6) - Hull and Isaacs

'Care of Patients with Emotional Problems' - Saxton and Haring

'The Arithmetic of Drug Dosage' - Hull, Isaacs and Marson

* * * *


Will all those staff on duty on June the 16th (Gala Day) and who come to work by car, please park in the following places:-

1. For those staff who use Hollins Lane entrance park in the Laundry yard.

2. For those staff who use the Main entrance of the hospital park in the Female yard Garden Courts.

No cars should be parked on the Male yard side of the hospital.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **