6th June, 1973Vol. 2. No. 49.

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Concern was expressed at last month's J.C.S.C. meeting over the large number of items still not satisfactorily dealt with. At a time when machinery is being put up, such as Departmental Productivity Groups, which requires goodwill and endeavour on both sides, it is disturbing that the J.C.C. should find it increasingly difficult to produce results.

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"I would like to express, through the medium of The Standard, my very grateful thanks to Dr. Davies, Dr. Walsh and Dr. Krishnamurti, Charge Nurse D. McKendrick and all the staff on the Infirmary Ward for the very quick attention and great kindness shown to me when I "flaked out" in the grounds last week. I am pleased to say I am now back at home."

Gabriel Moon.
From time to time in The Standard people have complained about vandalism in the hospital grounds. Sometime on Friday or Saturday vandals paid us another visit - this time to rip out about a hundred geraniums, only recently planted, from the flower beds on the drive.

This particular act of vandalism appears well on the way to becoming a hardy perennial itself. Has anyone any ideas as to how it could be stopped? And what price Securicor?

George Britch.



During Ward move. One Iron - yellow with black handle.
Will finder please return to Ward 38.

D. McKendrick.


From Ward 36 (F 6 D)
One black Anglepoise lamp, which is used extensively by the night staff. Would anyone finding this lamp please return it to the above ward.
May we take this opportunity of expressing our sincere thanks to Mrs. E. Daniels - Occupational Therapist - who in the past has played an important and integral part in patient care on our ward, whom we must 'release' (reluctantly) to apply her skills on another ward. However, we would like to welcome our new Occupational Therapist - Mrs. Irving, who we feel sure will soon settle into the ward.

Patients and Staff of Ward


The grand sum of £89.54 was raised at the Modern Sequence Dance held on May 28th.
A very special 'thank you' to the Departments who helped -
The Sewing Room Staff,
The Electricians,
The Ballroom Staff,
The J.C.S.C. and Management,
Ward Sisters Lee and Lythgoe,
Mr. Bartholomew, Mr. Bainbridge and everyone who co-operated and who bought and sold tickets.

Mrs. Milner, Patients Bank


In the absence of Mr. B. Eaves, who was elected Chairman for the ensuing year, Mr. J, Shaw chaired the meeting of 10th May. Under Matters Arising certain changes in the hospital's proposed fire regulations were suggested. In spite of the need to lay down an overall policy quickly it is felt that some important points, concerning responsibility in the event of fire, are not yet fully covered. They will be discussed at a further meeting of the original Working Party.

For those who live in hospital houses Minutes J 235 and J 238 are of special interest, and can be read on any hospital notice board.



A review of the efficiency of the hospital alarm system, and any modifications thought necessary, is under way.

In the Laundry a Departmental Productivity Group has been set up under the Chairmanship of Mr. Ditchburn, P.N.O. Vice Chairman Mr. McAuley, Branch Secretary C.O.H.S.E.

Among its members are Mrs. Middlefell, H.O.N.S., and Mr. Scott, Laundry Manager.
Nursing Area Meetings have been discontinued for a trial period of six months. Their effectiveness will be reviewed in November.
Mr, Bainbridge, Catering Officer, has asked for volunteers to assist in the preparation of foodstuffs on the evening before the Gala Day.
Ward 9 has just opened as a Day Treatment Centre, and the Anafranil team will be based there.


Last Tuesday, May 29th, I saw the first Industrial Therapy trip of the year. At 6.00 p.m. eighty assorted folk clambered into luxurious Barry Cooper coaches, and we were off on a Grand Mystery Tour.

We succeeded in taking in many local beauty spots - Rivington, Anglezarke, Red Rock, Standish and on to Billinge. To be precise, The George and Dragon, Billinge, where Student Nurse Thelma Coleman played hostess. Heartfelt thanks. Although the evening had already been 'made' by the tour itself and the enthusiasm of Louie Knowles and her staff. We arrived back around 10.45, and the old cliche fits - a good time was had by all.

J.A. Jolley,
Rehabilitation Officer.

* * * *


2 Speed Drill. Box No. 7
Car Radio. (Negative earth) Box No. 8

Powerful Telescopic with lenses for good pair of Binoculars. Box No. 7

For Sale
Car Radio. (Positive earth)
Phillips, transistorized. £8.
2 Spot Lamps - one amber, flat beam, one pencil beam. Plus wires and switches. £8. Box No. 9

Honda 50 H Reg.
1,200 miles only. Offers please. Box No. 10

Wanted for Gala Day

BOTTLES - the full variety only.
Beer, sauce, perfume. lemonade - all for a stall on the day.
Be generous and give them to

Mrs. Milner, Patients Bank.

* * * *


Technical Nursing Library

'Therapeutics' - J.G. Lewis
'An Introduction to the Chemical Aspects of Nursing Science' - O.F.G. Kilgour
'The Reality of Management' - R. Stewart

The following nurses were successful in the recent Pupil Nurse Assessments:-

M. E. Browne
C. Clarke
A.M. Curtis
G.A. Morris
M.M. Smith
G. Walker
M. Walsh

Welcome to:

Mrs. M. Bradbury - N/A N.D.
Mrs. A. M. Bates - T.N.A. N.D.

Farewell to:

Mrs. D. M. Bullen - T.S.N.

The wedding presents of Dr. & Mrs Middlefell were displayed in the In-Service Training Rocm on Sunday, 3rd June, 1973, when members of the staff of all departments were invited to go along to see these and to have a glass of sherry in celebration.


Will all those staff who come to work by car and are on duty on June 16th please note the following parking places.

(1) For those staff who use Hollins Lane entrance parking in the Laundry Yard.

(2) For those staff who use the Main Entrance parking in the female ward gardens. (Do not obstruct Ward Exits, and leave sufficient room for the passage of Fire Appliances etc.)

No cars should be parked beyond the clocking station on Hollins Drive or the Toilets on the Front Drive.

* * * *


Gala Queen - Rehearsals Monday 11.6.73 2.00 p.m.

Thursday 14.6.73 - Final run through, all concerned including Knockout Teams please attend - 1,30 p.m, starting at Nurses' Home.

It is still not too late to enter 6 person teams - if not enough from the hospital then 4 outside teams will jump at the chance.

Final meeting of Gala Day Working Party will be next Wednesday 10.00 a.m.

Programmes ready for sale 10p can be found almost anywhere.

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