12th June, 1973Vol. 2. No. 50.

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Last week's Standard was held up by machine malfunction - never mind, there are two this week.

Preparations for Gala Day are nearly complete now. We hope for splendid weather and a really good turn-out.

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Important New Drugs Legislation

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and the regulations made under it come into force on 1st July, 1973.

From information recently received a summary of the provisions affecting medical and nursing staff has been prepared and copies are being issued to all Medical Officers and to all senior Nursing Officers.

The importance of this Act may be gauged from the fact that it supersedes the Dangerous Drugs Act. It is therefore imperative that its provisions be known by all concerned.

H. Taberner.
The Laundry Departmental Productivity Group has had one meeting so far, Miss J. Bate, Winwick, is the Nursing representative. The team is at present seeking information from wards in the Group regarding certain problems associated with the supply of Laundry.

Discussion has taken place regarding a course in theatre nursing at this hospital. Also there are places for registered nurses on an Intensive Care Unit course available at Whiston hospital.

A new national uniform for nurses has been proposed. All deputy Sisters and female staff nurses will be provided with a light blue check uniform, which will gradually replace the existing blue dresses.

A problem-solving group is being formed to discuss the 0 & M Team's report on nursing.

Because of fire risks instructions have been given to all wards that dustbins must not be kept on the ward.

Following J.C.S.C. Minute J. 237, which concerned staff using their own transport, Mr. Ditchburn, C.N.O., has requested clarification of the insurance question.

As some extra monies are available for Winwick hospital, suggestions being considered for proposed improvements to hospital staffing (non-nursing).


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A presentation ceremony was held at Warrington General to mark the retirement of Mr. H. Lutz, Group supplies manager.

Mr. Lutz was presented with a radio and a cheque by Councillor B. Eaves, Chairman of the Group H.M.C.

* * * *


Children left alone with fat pan

At about 12.15 p.m. on 21st September 1972, a fire occurred in the kitchen of a small house in Lincoln.

The house was occupied at the time by two small children aged one and four years. They had been left alone in the living room adjoining the kitchen whilst the mother was collecting an older child (six) from school. A pan of fat inadvertently left on the stove caught fire.

A sixty-nine year old window cleaner was with his daughter in the next house when he saw smoke from his neighbour's house and, being unable to enter by the locked front door, he ran to the rear of the house.

He forced the back gate and entered the kitchen to find it full of smoke and the electric cooker surrounded by flames.

Running on through the kitchen, he went into the living room which was also filled with smoke, and found the baby strapped in his pram. He released him and took him out to his daughter-in-law. As he was about to re-enter to find the older child (four) he met him coming through the back door. The neighbour then attacked the fire and had almost extinguished it when the fire brigade arrived.

C. Evans.
When we asked Mr. Evans why he had submitted this article, he said that 'Always do this' and 'Never do that' in the matter of fire precautions became counter-productive after a while - nobody thinks of himself as stupid enough to cause a fire. Nevertheless, fire is still a killer, so....


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The 18th Meeting, held at Rainhill, 9. 6. 73.

Our team had quite an exciting start to the day - no coach turned up and we finally arrived, a little late, in a variety of private cars. It was good athletics weather, and Rainhill's facilities were excellent. Our seven-women team performed very well to regain the Ladies' overall Trophy, the Rose Bowl, and in the process provided the Ladies individual champion and the Victor Ludorum in the person of Kath Appleton.

A late entrant in the Men's team, Mr. MacArthur, marked his first time in this competition by winning the shot. These successes should encourage our men's team to make it a clean sweep next time.

Other events of note - Rainhill defeated West Cheshire in the Tug of War, and Dr. Middlefell won the hammer.

The presentations were made by Mr. A. Foxton. I would like to thank everyone'who came to compete to judge and to support.

D. J. Devine,
Team Captain.

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For Sale

Ilford Sportsman 35 mm Camera with leather case and lens hood. As new. Please contact Mrs. H. Smith, Pharmacy.

High Pressure Steam Cleaning and corrosion control. A Warrington firm is prepared to offer cheap rates for all staff vehicles.

Box No. 11

Farewell to:

Mr. David Flood, Fitter, who left on 8.6.73.
Mr. Flood was Artisan section's representative on the J.C.S.C.

* * * *


Farewell to:

C. Savage, T.N.A.
Mrs. S. Saville, T.N.A.
and toMr. K. McLoughlin, S/N on his retirement

On Monday, 4th June, Mrs. N. Middlefell, who was the Head of Nursing Services here, was appointed Principal Nursing Officer (Psychiatric Division).

We were very sorry to hear of the death, on Saturday last, of Mary Sutton, a Nursing Assistant on Ward 21.

Technical Nursing Library

New Books available on loan -

'Personnel Administration' - Pigot & Myers
'Organisation and Methods' - G.E. Millward
'A Hospital Looks at Itself' - E. Shoenberg
'Care of the Unconscious' - E. Edmondson

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