19th June, 1973Vol. 2. No. 51.

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Gala Day
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It is hardly surprising that this week's issue is largely concerned with Gala Day, and its overall success.

Complete success in such a large venture, and at the first attempt, would be quite amazing, however. And no doubt the 'post mortem' meeting earlier this week noted many refinements for future Gala Days.

If you have any views on how improvements can be made, try to find out if your point was covered at this meeting.

If it wasn't, one of The Standard's functions is to permit people to air reasonable comment.

* * * *


Aided by fine weather, and backed by a lot of hard work, Winwick's first Gala Day has been, by general consent, a success.

More than 3,000 programmes were sold and, while numbers are notoriously difficult to estimate on such occasions, it appeared that most who bought programmes did come on the day.

The result, in monetary terms, from programmes, stalls and side-shows etc., will probably be in excess of £1,000. After outstanding bills have been met the remainder will go to the League of Friends.

The result in terms of spectacle and entertainment was a splendid afternoon and evening for all comers. The arrival of the Gala Queen was certainly spectacular and her starting of the central event It's a Knock-Out, set in motion a variety of well-received entertainments.

The Knock-Out van finally won by Orford Secondary Modern team, with English Martyrs second, Bank & Records came third, and took the K.O. Cup as the highest placed 'home' entrants.

300 children competed in special races, while countless others rode donkeys, trains and tractors. Many people took the opportunity of looking round the Farm and Gardens and, all in all, the day was a significant exercise in public relations.

Bob Greaves, and everyone who started, judged or joined in in any way, deserve the warmest praise, taking the odd hitches in their stride and crowning many weeks of preparation by their efforts on the day.

In the light of experience gained during this first Gala Day it should be possible to ensure that this becomes an annual event of increasing value.

Hospital Secretary.
Everyone concerned with the Hot Dog Stall wishes to express their thanks to Mr. Bainbridge, Mr. Aston, the Engineer's staff and everyone else who assisted in making Gala Day a most enjoyable and successful one.

Str, Puzzar,
Unit One.
We would like to thank everyone who helped with the preparation and running of the Coconut Shy for Unit Six.

K. Shaw, Unit Officer.
Les Tugwell (Patient's Bank) and Lynda Snaps (Medical Records) would both like to thank their team who helped them win the Fenton Trophy in the It's a Knock-Out competition on Saturday last at the Gala. The successful team consisted of:-

Pamela Ribbens
Ann Scott
John Ashcroft
John Hampton
Lynda Snape
Les Tugwell

Thank you once again team, and also the Social Therapy Department, for loan of kit and for their help at the practice runs.

Lynda Snape.
Thanking the following staff for their most invaluable help in the catering facilities for Gala Day.

The Theatre Sister and her staff who came down on Friday afternoon.
The nurses, and the League of Friends who helped us in the evening.
On the day Mr. Bartholomew, Ward Maids, Mrs. Sefton and the W.R.V.S. ladies, Mr. Dilworth, and the Warrington and Winwick Catering Staff who worked very hard to make the day a success.


Lost Property

Little girl lost ladies watch on Gala Day. If found could you please contact Mr, J. Bainbridge (Catering Officer).

Two small keys and a penknife on key ring handed in on Gala Day.

One Bracelet found on the field on Gala Day.

(Please contact General Office)

* * * *


A Government report published this week quotes Dr. Alex Baker, leader of the H.A.S. team set up to investigate neglect and inadequate services at long-stay hospitals, on the subject of fire hazards still to be found in hospitals nearly a year after the Coldharbour fire.

'I am still finding fire exit doors which are kept locked, with no means of opening them until a nurse arrives with a key'.

'I have not yet performed a night round where every nurse spoken to knew the basic elements of fire prevention as applied to her ward'.

On the same day we had our Gala Day, Wrightington Hospital League of Friends held a Garden Fete to raise funds for a £7,000 Rehabilitation Unit.

NHS Reorganisation News

Sheet No. 8 May

Of particular interest are the remarks on the position of medical social workers in the reorganised health services.

The Minister feels that hospital social workers should be employed by local authorities and made available to hospitals and other health service establishments.

Those in post will not be required to work away from hospital unless they consent to do so, however, and existing staffing levels in hospitals will not be altered after April 1st 1974, without full local consultation.

The Department hopes to issue by early June an explanatory circular which will enable employing authorities to inform staff of the probable general outlines of transfer arrangements.

Another circular advises that all staff should be given an opportunity to learn something of the general purpose of the reorganisation and to discuss its effects in their own locality.


For Sale

Parkinson Cowan 'Peeress' Cooker
Very good condition £7.50 ono
3 - Piece suite
Medium condition £4.00 ono
Box No. 12


From Ward 40. Would female wards please look out for any dresses and cardigans with the name Mabel Rigby inside, and return to the above ward,

Thank you,
Str. Stapleton.

* * * *


This week there is some good news and some bad news.

First the good news.

The new central heating is well on the way to completion. Beginning sometime in July a new bar will be installed, and quite major alterations to the games room will extend the dancing area (although at the expense of one of the billiards tables).

A sliding partition will replace the present dividing wall. The furniture for this newly-created area has already been chosen, and once the heating system a complete general redecoration will begin.

Frank Callaghan, who has been a Bar Steward for many years, is leaving us. To be precise he began to work a month's notice this week.

There is this a vacancy for a Steward and Stewardess at the Club. Applications, in writing please, to the Club Secretary, Mr. L. Jones, c/o The Club.

Now for the bad news.

There is no truth in the rumour that Frank will be giving away free ale on the eve of his leaving. Seriously, we'll miss you, Frank. And congratulations on the latest addition to your family.


* * * *


Technical Nursing Library

New books available on loan -

"Improving Management Performance" - J. W. Humble
"Circulatory System - Physiology and Pharmacology" - F. Pallett
"General Care of the Surgical Patient" - J. Borland
"Lumbar Puncture and Related Tests" - U. Jolly

Welcome to:

Mrs. O. Smart N/A
Mrs. A. Stewardson N/A

Farewell to:

Mr. M. Barr D.C.N.
Mr, J. Doyle N/A

Our best wishes go to Miss O'Connell, Assistant Matron at present a patient at the Borough General Hospital Warrington recovering from an operation.

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