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In this issue, the first of a new Volume, we are able to round off Gala Day 1973. If you have written to us thanking anyone for their efforts (and some people have even been so keen to show their appreciation that they have thanked people for thanking them) then we hope you will associate yourselves with the following letter from the Chairman of the League of Friends.

* * * *

GALA DAY To the Editors of "THE STANDARD" May I use a little of your space to express on behalf of the Committee of the League of Friends of Winwick Hospital, grateful thanks for the truly magnificent effort performed by all workers on the occasion of Open Day and Gala, on Saturday June 16th 1973.

The infectious enthusiasm of the Organizing Committee, combined with their expertise, ability and skill in performing their multifarious tasks, made it a privilege to be present and a most memorable day in the life of the Hospital. Elsewhere it will be stated, in due time, what financial benefits will accrue to the Hospital from this considerable team effort, but I hope that, heartened by the gratifying response to this their first venture of this kind, the Committee will feel inspired to make it a regular annual occasion.

J Vardy,
League of Friends,
Winwick Hospital.


Income from Activities etc.

Sale of Programme238.60 
Unit 1 - Hot Dog Stall51.00 
Unit 2 - Goalkicking an& Treasure Hunt27.45 
Unit 3 - Catch the Rat14.16½
Unit 4 - Home Baking 23.00 
Unit 5 - Wishing Well and Duck Pond13.20 
Unit 6 - Coconuts and Wishing Well21.59½
Unit 7 - Roulette and Raffle72.42½
Unit 8 - White Elephant Stall65.50 
Unit 9 - Plant Stall70.32½
Unit 10 & 11 - Darts and Electric Loop39.33 
Teaching Department - Tombola27.84½
Miss Naylor/Mrs. Anderton - Naming Doll11.00 
Medical Staff - Tossing Coins29.00½
Mrs. Milner - Bottle Stall24.57 
Mr. Wright - Dutch Auction17.25 
Sale of Pens21.79½
Sewing Room 46.07½
Putting  3.28½

Note: Income from all sources was - £1,095.04


Sundry Prizes20.62
 Less Income £17.50
 Less Income10.826.68 172.15
Excess of Income over Expenditure 805.76
J. A. Edwards, A.C.C.A.,
Deputy Treasurer,
Warrington H.M.C.

Open Day and Gala Day Final meeting of Working Party

The final meeting of the Working Party in the 1973 Open Day and Gala Day was held recently. In attendance were representatives of ward and senior nursing staff, heads of departments and members of the League of Friends. It was agreed that the Open Day and Gala Day had been successful, and proposed that a similar event should be held in 1974, on the 3rd Saturday in June.

After analysis of the hospital's first such venture, members drew up a list of points which would require attention next year. The main points were:-

1. LAYOUT OF THE FIELD. Seating behind the marquees needed to be placed in front.
A play area was needed for children.
The centre arena should be smaller.
More stalls and points for sale of refreshments were necessary.
Litter bins and portable toilets should be provided.
More barriers and queuing platforms were required for the various rides.
More signs and notices were needed on the field.
A plan of the field should appear in the programme, with maps at points around the field.

2. INFORMATION AND PROGRAMMES. More information needed to be made available to staff, eg. by circulation of minutes of the working party.

3. Programmes should be prepared earlier, and carry some advertising. A banner such as the one used for the 'Mind Week' exhibition should be prepared for the event, and erected at the Front entrance to the hospital.

4. PAVILION. It was noted that the cricket pavilion would require some renovation before the next Gala Day.

5. STAFF BRIEFING. All staff should be briefed on their respective duties before the day.

6. PARADE. This should start from the front entrance in order that it would be seen better, and would need to be better disciplined.

7. 'IT'S A KNOCKOUT' CONTEST. Various improvements should be incorporated into this event.

8. O.T. SALES AND INDUSTRIAL THERAPY EXHIBITION. These attractions could be utilised next year.

9. CAR PARKING. More extensive arrangements would need to be made for the next Gala Day.

10. ORGANISATION. Instead of a large working party, it was suggested that the organisation of the next Gala Day should be left to a number of sub-committees, with one member from each reporting back to the main working party. Sub-committees were proposed for the following tasks:-

(a) Entertainments
(b) Siting
(c) Catering
(d) Car Parking
(e) Finance
(f) Prizes

11. PRIZES. More prizes would need to be purchased, preferably on a sale or return basis.
It was agreed that the 1974 first meeting of the Open Day and Gala Day working Party would be held on Wednesday January 2nd 1974.

Finally the working party wished to pay special acknowledgment to the Catering Officer and his staff and the catering staff of other hospitals in the group for their excellent contribution to the 1973 Open Day and Gala Day.


The results of the 'Estimation of money taken' Contest were as follows:
Nearest to Net profits, with a forecast of £800, was Mr. G. Scott, Laundry manager.
(I am pleased to report that Mr. Scott returned his 50p prize as a donation to the League of Friends.)

Nearest to the Total amount taken, with a forecast of £1,100, was Mr. Wilkinson. I would be grateful if Mr. Wilkinson would call in at my office for his prize sometime.

J. E. Wright

* * * *


The senior patients Garden Party, is to be held on Saturday 28th July 1973, in the Ward Gardens at the rear of Wards 40 - 42.

The party will include competitions for best fancy hat for Ladies and best dressed man.

The social therapy have a supply of hats, and any ward may contact the department for the loan of these.

Any wards which have garden furniture eg. hammock seats, occasional tables etc., should contact the General Office (362) as these are urgently needed for the Garden Party.


* * * *


(The following is the concluding paragraph of a long letter Mrs. Devine has sent us, concerning difficulties experienced in the field of Rehabilitation. It makes a point well worth publishing.)

Should any ONE person have the right to treat a patient - be it doctor, charge nurse or sister? There are people who know patients as well as, if not better than, the doctor, charge nurse or sister. Surely, with everyone consulting and working together at their own specialities, only good can come in the rehabilitation of our patients, whether that person has nursing qualification or not. If it be an occupational therapist, Industrial therapist or social therapist, each should be allowed to give his or her own opinion of the person with whom they are in close contact.


* * * *


Warrington Health Executive Council have been informed that more than twenty percent of the beds in the Orthopaedic Department at the infirmary are occupied by people who have been injured in motorway accidents.

Since the Regional Board allocated beds on the basis of population the large percentage of 'outsiders' results in waiting times of up to twelve weeks.

With the M62 opening at the end of this year, and the M56 due to be completed a year later, the position can only deteriorate unless improved facilities are made available.


* * * *


Two forthcoming matches to be held at Winwick are

Winwick Fire Brigade v Colwyn Bay Fire Brigade
Sunday July 15th, at 2.00 p.m.

The L.R.H.B. KO Cup Final
Sefton or Walton v The L.R.H.B.
Tuesday July 11th, at 6.00 p.m.

Everybody welcome.

Having failed in the first two cricket competitions of the year, we are now looking forward to our third "bite of the cherry" which will be the Bannerman Trophy Interdepartmental Cricket Competition which has been ably organised by Mr. Tugwell and members of the Finance Department.

I understand that six teams are taking part in this and these are as follows:- Medical Team; Catering Department Team; Finance Department Team; Newchurch Hospital Team; the Farms and Gardens and another mixed Team.

Details of the draw will be announced as soon as possible and we hope that our patients and staff will come and support us.

J. A. Jolley
Cricket Representative.

* * * *


The Three Weeks of any Season

Addressing the Publications Committee as 'Gentlemen' (we've been walking taller ever since) Dr. Wallace sent us Three Odes last week. For your delectation we print the third.

On the first week of intake our true love sent to us
12 Student Nurses and a 3 day guarantee.

On the second week of intake our true love sent to us
6 Student Nurses, next week's holiday list, the following week's in-school training absences, a book on relaxation excercises and no guarantee at all.

On the third week of intake our true love sent to us
Best wishes to the three of us.


* * * *


For Sale

March 1968 FIAT 500
53,000 miles
With Brand new tyres, King pins, Front Dampers. Regularly serviced. Good condition.

£200 o.n.o.
Box 16


Naturally we regret any errors which creep into The Standard but one in particular, in the Professional Hour report last issue, should have raised a few eyebrows.

Mr. Wilson should have been quoted as believing that "No one discipline in the NHS could function effectively without the others".

The gremlins added one little letter, so that it read "Now one discipline . . ."

No one wrote in to ask which discipline it was.


Club News

The Social Club.
Don't forget -the great SOUL DISCO
Every Friday night - Everybody welcome.


Second-hand Washing Machine,
Twin-tub preferred.

Box No. 15

Nearly ten years ago . . .

One of our readers, Mr. C. Breslin, glancing-through our recent resume of the latest H.A.S. Report, was nagged by the thought that he'd seen it all somewhere before. At last he was able to turn up a copy of a magazine dated May 1966 which referred to a 'forgotten circular'. The circular in question was sent out by the then Ministry of Health on June 25th 1964.

The circular refers to progressive hospitals but adds 'there are many others who have lagged behind, so that the difference between the most and the least progressive is greater now than ever.' The aim of the paper was to set out "the essential elements of a good comprehensive service, to act as a yardstick against which hospital authorities and their staff can assess the standing of their hospitals and plan their improvement."

It emphasized the need to foster contact between hospital and local authority, 'particularly the Medical Officer of Health and his team of mental health and welfare workers.'

With regard to staffing the circular had this to say - 'The success of a hospital depends greatly on the quality and quantity of its nurses, and progressive, hospitals produce and attract good staff.'


Clothing and footwear boutique

A boutique by Burtons the tailors will be held in the Entertainments Hall at Winwick Hospital from Tuesday 7th August to Friday 10th August included.

The hours of opening will be 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon and 1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. daily.


* * * *


Welcome to:

Mr. S. Boden S.E.N. (General)
Mr. J. Wadcock S.E.N.
Miss S.A. Quinn N/A
Mr. J.N. Hart T.N.A. Holiday Employment
Miss L.A. Holderness T.N.A. Holiday Employment
Miss M. Stansfield T.N.A. Holiday Employment
Mr. V.G. Mullins T.N.A. Holiday Employment

Farewell to:

Mrs. F. Kerrigan T.N.A.
Mrs. K. Hallsworth N/A

6.00 p.m. Thursday 19th July,
Ladies from Stockton Heath Churches will call for 34 patients and 4 nurses for an outing from 2.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Technical Nursing Library

New books available on loan -

'Health and Sickness - The Choice of Treatment' - Wadsworth, Butterfield & Blaney.

'Case Studies in Behaviour Modification' - Ullman & Krasner

'Behaviour Therapy' - Schaefer & Martin

'Psychiatry' - Anderson 6 Trethowan

'The Mentally Handicapped Child' - B. H. Kirman

'Schizophrenia and Social Care' - Brown, Bone, Dalison & Wing.

'Mental Nursing Examination Questions and Answer' - J. Gibson

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **