17th July, 1973Vol. 3. No. 2.

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Regional Drug Information Service
Hexachlorophane Preparations
Letter to the Editor
Round the N.H.S.
Regional Bowls
Social Club News
Nursing News


Sisters and Charge Nurses were recently issued with a folder containing part 1 of the Regional Drug Information, Volume 1.

Last week parts three and four were issued (for some unknown reason part two has not yet been received).

Part four contains an article on the "Therapeutic Inequivalence of Drugs".

Part three deals briefly with a small number of subjects, including:

(i)Skin rash due to an antibiotic.
(ii)Interaction between a cardiac glycoside and certain other commonly prescribed drugs, and
(iii)A stern reminder of the cardiotoxicity of the dibenzepin (tricyclic) derivatives, which, it is recommended, "should be prescribed with caution in patients with acute cardiac disease".
Medical Officers who do not have the opportunity to read on the wards these informative leaflets are invited to apply to have their names placed on the pharmacy's 'mailing list' for regular issues.

H. Taberner


Readers may remember the report we made in February, 1972, on toxic effects resulting from the use of certain products containing the antibacterial substance hexachlorophane when applied in strong concentration to large areas of the body - particularly to infants, when brain damage had been reported.

From July 30th restrictions are imposed on the sale and supply of preparations containing this chemical, - The Medicines (Hexachlorophane Prohibition) Order 1973, SI 1120, HMSO.

Briefly, aerosols containing more than 0.1%, soaps containing more than 2%, and other medicinal products containing more than O.75% of hexachlorophane will be available on medical prescription only.

Products containing 0.1% or less will be freely available.

Products coming in between these limits, for example soaps containing 0.1 to 2% and lotions, powders etc. containing 0.1 to 0.75% will be available from pharmacies only.

Phisohex is to be reduced to a 0.75% concentration, the old formula containing 3% to be renamed Phisomed. Sterzac Dusting Powder is unchanged at 0.33%, Derl soap is 2%.

H. Taberner.


Dear Sirs,

At their last meeting the League of Friends Committee reported their concern that the Warrington Guardian had stated in an article that the Gala Day had been organised by the League of Friends.

The Committee wish me to ask you to publish in the Standard their regret at this error. The League of Friends did not organise the Gala and have nothing but respect and admiration for the excellent organisation and hard work and effort poured into the day by the staff.

Yours sincerely,
Hon. Secretary.

Publications Committee,
Winwick Hospital.

* * * *


Nursing staff at Holloway Sanatorium, Surrey, are in the process of forming a Tenants' Association to protect retiring colleagues who face eviction from their hospital houses with no prospect of being re-housed by their local councils.

Six patients from Moss Side recently won bronze medals in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme. The activities covered physical education, first aid, screen printing, needlework and an expedition in the hospital grounds involving camping out for two nights and marching a minimum of 16 miles.

An official of the D.H.S.S. wrote 'the whole affair reflects great credit on the nursing staff of the Moss Side hospital, and is in the best traditions of the special hospitals as a whole'.


* * * *


The F. Banner Memorial Trophy.

We regret that our Cricket News last week referred incorrectly to the Bannerman Trophy. Mr. Banner was for many years Chairman of the Warrington and District H.M.C., and a member of Winwick and Newchurch H.M.C.

The Competition which bears his name is confined to teams from within the Group.

Southport Flower Show

An outing to this show has been arranged for Friday, 25th August. The coaches will leave at 10.00 a.m.

Two Kittens

Has anyone a home for two ten-week old, housetrained kittens? Or one of them? Please contact Miss K. Edwards, Cadet Nurse.

Co-ordination etc.

Another hippocratic Ode by Dr. Wallace

So uncontinental
Drives us b_____ mental.

No communication
Just procrastination
Leading to frustration
Never Jubilation.

Not self-realisation
Or Rationalisation.

Vacillate deplorably
Ever Inexorably
Deceptively and horribly
Words fail me.

* * * *


The L.R.H.B. Bowling Competition Semi-final.

This will be held at Walton Gardens, by kind permission of Mr. Crowder, Parks Superintendent, on Tuesday, 24th July at 7.30 p.m.

The two teams are Winwick Hospital and Crossley Hospital.

The Winwick team will be selected from
J. E. Wright, P. Hastry, W. Hamson, T. A. Lawson, H. Beasley, P. McLean, G. Robinson, C. Marmon, D. Jefferies, J. S. Massey.

* * * *


The Friday night Disco

Where is all the promised support for our Friday night venture? We have heard no verbal complaint, via the grapevine or otherwise, concerning the music etc. on Fridays.

We welcome any suggestions for improvement.

The Social Club have been very generous in helping towards the purchase of a Twin-deck for your enjoyment; members of the sub-committee regularly give up their Friday nights to organize these Disco sessions; we have the music, drinks, a great D.J. - all we need are the people to make it swing.

How about it? Let's see a few more over at the Club on Fridays.

The Entertainments Section.

The Steward and Stewardess.

Mr. and Mrs. Worthington have been chosen to fill these posts, and will be your host and hostess from August 13th.


The central heating system is now 75 per cent completed. The builders hope to start work on the new bar on Monday, and we hope it will be installed by early August. By the end of August the decorations should be complete and we will have a Club to be really proud of.

L. Jones, Secretary.


6 p.m. Tuesday 24th July, second year students from Warrington General Hospital will be visiting the hospital.

Welcome to:

Mrs. M. P. Lloyd F/T N.A.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **