1st November, 1973Vol. 3. No. 16 (14).

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An increasing amount of news is likely to come from outside the hospital under the N.H.S. re-organisation. Our section for such news in this issue is Community Chest. "Down the Drive" was one suggestion, but it made us feel uncomfortable.

Shop Talk is the equivalent of Around the Hospital.

We are working for improvements - and you can help by passing your comments to any member of the Publications Committee.



Joint Consultative Staffs Committee

The implication of N.H.S. Re-organisation was amongst the items discussed at the October meeting of the Joint Consultative Staffs Committee. Originally discussed last month, the subject was raised again as the staff side sought clarification of a recent circular which stated that existing employing authorities are responsible for consulting staff and staff organisations about the proposals for transfer of staff to the new health authorities to take effect from April next.

The Management side denied that the circular placed the responsibility for consultation on the H.M.C., and said that this was part of the duties of the newly constituted Health Authorities.

On the matter of Joint Consultative machinery after April next, no progress could be made as neither side had information on future plans, Similarly, the question of long service retirement awards after 1974 remained unsettled.

The staff side also asked if there were any proposed plans to pay some form of retirement pension to working patients when they reached retirement age. It appeared that this matter vas, in fact, under consideration by the Rehabilitation Committee.

The full Minutes are available on staff notice boards.

Anafranil Film

In response to the interest shown in the film on Anafranil Infusion, Dr. P. O'Flanagan was present in the In-Service Training Room on Monday, October 29th for a second showing of the film, and to answer any questions from the audience.

Professional Hour

At the monthly Professional Hour for Deputy Ward Sisters and Charge Nurses held in the Training Room on Thursday, November 1st, Mr. John Bainbridge, Catering Officer, spoke on the subject of "Food".


Portable washing-wringer (fix on bath, table, etc.) Condition immaterial.

Box No. 10.

Winwick Hospital Cricket Team

Facilities for winter practice are available at Lowton Civic Hall each Tuesday evening from 8.30p.m. - 9.30p.m. Would prospective players for 1974 season who are interested in maintaining their standards please submit names to Mr. Villiers, Social Therapy Department.

Twelve Months Ago

Delph Hospital held its second Annual Fete.

Laundry supply was criticised.

W. Casson related details of the Fishing Club's first outing.

The Coldharbour enquiry was reported by C. Evans.

J.A. Jolley began his Rehabilitation News.

Winwick held "Mind Week".

Magazine policy was the subject for discussion by the Joint Consultative Staffs Committee.

Union News - COHSE

The monthly Branch Meeting will be held in the In-Service Training Room at 9.00p.m. on Monday, November 5th.

B. McAuley,
Branch Secretary.

Retirement of Mr. L. Walters Records Officer

Mr. Leslie Walters, Records Officer at Winwick Hospital, retired from the service on 31st October 1973.

Mr. Walters' career at Winwick Hospital spans 36 years and his skill and expertise in the administrative field is well known to all those staff who came in contact with him. On Tuesday, members of staff gathered in the Board Room for a presentation ceremony at which Mr. Fox, the Group Secretary, presented Mr. Walters with a portable T.V. Set and electric drill which were paid for from collections amongst all staff of the hospital.

I am sure that everyone will join me in wishing Mr. Walters many happy years of retirement.

R. French
Hospital Secretary

League Of Friends' Dance

The League of Friends' Dance was held on Friday, 26th October. After a slow start to sales of tickets the number attending the dance eventually was over 400. Music was provided by Mr. Harry Jarman and his Orchestra and a Disco by Mr. Gary Shaw, Student Nurse, The Master of Ceremonies was Mr. Besley Naylor and an enjoyable evening was had by all. The amount raised by the event has not yet been determined.

R. French
Hospital Secretary



Special Skills Lost through understaffing

At a recent conference of The Institute of Work Study Practitioners health services specialist group in Edinburgh on the theme of "Manpower Planning and the Nurse", Professor John MacFarlane said that a recent study suggested that in understaffed long-stay hospitals, skilled nurses have little chance to use their special abilities so involved are they in 'basic' nursing care.

Professor MacFarlane explained that the research had indicated that in the understaffed wards of a mental subnormality hospital all grades of nurse from Staff Nurse to Auxiliary workrd simply as "pairs of hands". There was no time to exercise particular skills. He stressed that much more research was needed and that this conclusion was probably only applicable to long-stay wards, but nevertheless, it appeared that social and therapeutic activities were severely reduced when staff was short.

While the nurse/patient ratio was below one to six or seven proportion, about the same amount of time was spent on "basic" nursing, but as soon as the ratio increased a much greater proportion of time was spent on these activities. The research had also suggested that short-term increases in staff bring no increase in social activities. If an extra nurse is added for a few days the Charge Nurse does not alter the therapeutic group structure because this would only disrupt routine unnecessarily.

New Nursing Paper

A newspaper for nurses and midwives has just been launched. Called "Nursing Week", it seems to be a private publication, and at present it is being sent free of charge to Sisters and Charge Nurses.

The paper aims to be 'newsy' and contains short news items about nurses and nursing, articles on medical topics, book reviews, details of new hospital equipment, a weekly feature on one of Britain's hospitals and lists of staff vacancies. It also contains recipes, fashion notes and ... a horoscope.

New Family Planning Service

Lord Aberdare, Minister of State for Health and Social Security, has announced that a national family planning service is to be set up within three years of the start of NHS reorganisation.

Chess Club News

The new season has now been under way for a month, and Winwick have made a reasonable start. In the League we have two wins and a loss - and in the Peninsula K.O. 1st round last week we fielded a weakened side and lost to Halton 'A'. Our best side would have won with Halton's 1½ points handicap.

Copies of the League Handbook and fixture list can be obtained from the Secretary.

The Regional Board competitions are not yet arranged. Speculation is rife that in the new N.H.S. we'll be playing draughts - but this is probably an exaggeration. Whatever its form, however, we can again do well, in this competition, once the club settles down to regular fixtures.

R. Bruton
Hon. Secretary.



Mind Report Criticises Warrington

A report from Mind, the National Association of Mental Health, has accused several towns in the North West - including Warrington - of 'alarmingly slow' progress in the provision of services for the mentally ill.

The report investigated facilities available for the mentally ill and mentally handicapped in 140 local authorities. It found that half of them had made no progress at all over the last two years in providing for the day care of the mentally ill, and that a massive burden is being placed on families in caring for mentally ill relatives.

The report also says the failure to provide sheltered accommodation such as hostels and group homes seriously reduces the chance of life outside hospitals for patients who could be discharged if proper facilities were available.

Mind urges the Goverment to give special financial assistance to enable all authorities to meet the urgent needs.

Welfare Organisations Asked For Requirements

In order to assess the needs of local voluntary welfare organisations when new projects are being planned. Warrington Development Corporation has set up the nucleus of a joint liaison committee, with representatives of local voluntary health and welfare organisations.

At a meeting of representatives of voluntary organisations held recently, Mr. John Cheshire, the New Town's Social Development Officer, said that the New Town were concerned that such facilities as hostels and day centres were provided in the right places and that the physically disabled were borne in mind in the building of multi-purpose sports centres and shopping centres. To ensure this, the right information had to be forthcoming.

Although the Development Corporation had commissioned, and was considering, a confidential survey which would produce an overall picture of welfare needs, this was of no use in pinpointing specific cases, because names were erased and could not be acted upon.

A liaison committee would also enable voluntary bodies to have the use of a central publicity and administrative service, join together in recruitment and fund-raising and obtain advice on grants available.

The first members of the liaison committee are Mrs. E. Walker, Mr. R.G. Grower, Mr. G. Hannon, and Mr. J. Barker, Mr. G. Kohler is to be secretary and Mrs. A. Flanagan the publicity officer.

New Hostel Accommodation Planned

Warrington Development Corporation are making provision for three hostels at Birchwood, the first complete community they are planning from scratch.

The hostels will be for children in the care of the local authority, for old people and for mentally handicapped adults able to live in the community and attending an adult training centre in the Birchwood area. There will also be four 'sheltered homes' for the elderly, each of 30 units.

Mind Week Meeting

As part of Mind week, the Warrington and District Association for Mental Health held a public meeting at the YMCA in Winmarleigh Street on Wednesday, October 31st 1973.

A film on the problems facing a family with a mentally handicapped child - 'Three in Every Thousand' - was shown, and the mother of a mentally handicapped child, a social worker and senior medical and administrative staff from Newchurch and Winwick Hospitals answered questions from the public.

During the week, sixth formers from local schools were amongst volunteers helping towards the national campaign by collecting funds at the Odeon Theatre.



Technical Nursing Library

New books available on loan -

'Human Growth and the Development of Personality' - J.H. Kahn
'Manual of Family Planning and Contraceptive Practice' - M.S. Caldorne
'A Question of Madness' Z. & R. Medvedev
'Geriatrics for Nurses and Social Workers' - J. Agate.

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