19th November, 1973Vol. 3. No. 18 (16).

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Mind Week

The collection taken in the foyer of the Odeon Cinema during Mind Week amounted to £20.68p.

Stepping Stones Club

It is reported that there are still a few tickets left for the Christmas Dinner Dance on the "Royal Iris" on December 28th. Those interested please contact Mr. E. Villiers, Social Therapy or Mr. J. Beck, Unit Officer.

No requests for 9.00 p.m. transport to Liverpool have as yet been received by the organisers, and unless staff working afternoon shift contact Mr. Beck or Mr. Villiers quickly they will be unable to arrange transport.

Director's post readvertised

Mr. Collin J. Smart has accepted the appointment as Director of Social Services to the new Metropolitan District Council of South Tyneside and will not, therefore, be coming to Warrington as the new Cheshire District Social Services Officer.

The Warrington post is to be re-advertised.

Mr. Smart is at present an Assistant Director of Social Services for Cheshire at County Headquarters at Chester.



W.R.V.S. "Have Teapot will Travel"

The W.R.V.S. are back in business with their new venture of a teabar. This is situated in the annexe.

Times of opening:

2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. Wednesday and Saturday, and it is hoped to open in the near future also on Sunday. All are welcome including Staff and Visitors.

All profits made on this venture will be for the benefit of patients and staff.

Club News

Billiards and Snooker

The latest results in the Warrington and District Leagues were wins for all three Winwick teams.

The highlight of the Billiards Team's 6-1 victory over Alliance Box was a fine break of 523 by E. Dean, our only loser being J.E. Wright.

Winwcik A Snooker Team won well at Sacred Heart 6-2, while the B Team defeated the Deaf Social Club by the same score, with both J. Maney and P. Hilton taking their frames with a score of 75 points.

P. Hastry,


CLIN-ALERT, a fortnightly publication, is a service intended to acquaint the medical profession with information on recently reported adverse effects of drugs.

The most recent copy contains, for example, short paragraphs on the following:-

1. Withdrawal symptoms in a neonate after administration of an anti-depressant to the mother.
2. Congenital abnormalities from ingestion of certain anti-depressants.
3. Intestinal haemorrhagic complications of anticoagulant therapy.
4. Anaphylactic reactions to certain immunising agents.
5. Alopecia associated with Propanalol.
6. Drug induced blood dyscrasias.

For those interested CLIN-ALERT is available for perusal in the pharmacy.

H. Taberner.

Regional Cross-country

The L.R.H.B. Inter-Hospital cross-country race was won this year, both male and female, by Birkenhead. Second in the male section were Deva and fourth Winwick - who were unfortunately unable to field a women's team. The fastest individual time was recorded by P. Roberts of St. Helens.

Joint Consultative Staffs Committee

Owing to the number of meetings taking place on Thursday, November 8th the monthly meeting of the J.C.S.C. was postponed.


Contract Shoes Ltd. visited the hospital on Monday and Tuesday of this week and held a shoe sale in the Recreation Hall for patients and staff. This is the firm's second visit to the hospital.

Locks and Keys

The majority of the locks on the doors of Wards 37 and 38 have been removed, as the beginning of an exercise to make all "open" wards truly open. Whilst locks on storerooms have been retained, all locks on communicating doors in the wards have been removed. Fire exits have been modified so that they can be opened from the inside without a key,

Pass Keys, which up to now have been issued to staff for their personal use, are being withdrawn from these wards, and two or three are being provided for each ward to use for the remaining locks. These will be retained on the ward.

After a month the scheme is to be reviewed, and if no major problems are encountered (and none are foreseen), then other wards will be included.

As well as getting away from the unnecessary association with locks and keys on "open" wards the scheme will allow all staff on the remaining closed wards to be provided with keys.

New Dressing Packs

Last week ward staff attended demonstrations of new procedure packs on Ward 43.

The new packs for nursing procedures will be supplied to hospitals in the Liverpool Region. Made by Johnson & Johnson the packs will replace the dressing and procedure packs supplied to Winwick by our Central Sterile Supply Department. The C.S.S.D. will, however, continue to supply the hospital with re-sterilisable instruments and articles.

Units 4 & 5

Staff of Units 4 and 5 will be holding their Christmas Party in the Recreation Hall Annexe on Friday, December 21st.

This will be the third year that the two Units have held a combined party in the hospital. Previous parties have been very successful and the £2.00 tickets are reported to be selling well.



New Hostel

A scheme for the provision of a new £97,722 hostel in Scott Lane, Newtown, Wigan has been given the go-ahead. The plan has now been referred to the Wigan Metropolitan Council for backing.

Vending Machines Criticism

SNAP, the Rcn's Student Section paper, recently carried a front-page article on microwave vending machines.

The paper reported criticism from hospital staffs of vending machines which had been installed in staff canteens to replace night cooks.

Night staff complained that the machines dispensed food which was inadequate and inferior. Also, machines tended to break down and nurses were reluctant to see them replacing long-serving kitchen staff.



Dear Editor

I note with disgust that not a single poppy or wreath is placed on the official War Memorial at the Hospital front entrance - surely, they deserve some thought!

H. Appleton.

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Ward 3,
Winwick Hospital

Dear Sir,

I would like, through the medium of the Hospital Standard to congratulate Mr. D. Crowley and Mr. N. Fowler "Painters and Decorators" for their efforts in making Ward 3 lounge and gallery very attractive, also especially for their consideration towards our patients.

From patients and staff,

Thank you,
Yours faithfully,
W. Casson (Charge Nurse)

- - - - - - - -

Dear Sirs,

I would to express my appreciation, thrcugh your columns, for the kindnesses, mass cards, messages of sympathy received after the death of my Wife, Mrs. Eileen Taylor, S.E.N., who retired three years ago after 24 years service.

Yours sincerely,
Sidney Taylor.



Lady wishes to sell 1966 Morris 1100, taxed and M.0,T'd till February, Radials and other extras. Brake discs and bodywork require attention. £90 o.n.o.

Box No. 4.



Technical Nursing Library

New books available on loan -

"An Atlas of Nursing Techniques" - N.G. Dison

"Adverse Reaction to Drugs" - P. Cooper

"Juvenile Delinquency, the Family and the Social Group" - J.B. Mays

"Introduction to Nursing" - Spencer & Tait

Welcome to:
Mrs, I. Foster         N/A
Mrs. M. Goldthorpe     N/A
Farewell to:
Mr. J. Redmond    Staff Nurse
Mr. L.G. SayerS.E.N.

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