28th November, 1973Vol. 3. No. 19 (17).

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The next League of Friends & H.M.C. Dance will be held in the Recreation Hall on Tuesday, December 11th at 7.OO p.m. Refreshments will be on sale at moderate prices. A display of Morris Dancing will be given at the interval.

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At their last meeting, Friday, 16th 1973 the following were elected to office:-

Chairman     Mr. Vardy, O.B.E.
Secretary Mr. J. Thomason
Treasurer Mr. Corker

and the following Sub-Committees were nominated:-

Mrs. Morrison    Mrs. Birchall
Mrs. Pilling Mrs. Thomasson
Mrs. Ellison Mrs. Sankey
Mr. Corker

Welfare & Entertainments

Miss Shaw       Miss Ford
Mrs.Thomason Mrs. Whaley
Mrs. Dewhurst Mrs. Sankey
Mrs. Farrell Mrs. Dixon
Mrs. Prescott Mrs. Shepherd
Mrs. Pilling Mrs. Stapleton
Mr. Pilling
Mr. B.Naylor

General Purpose Committee

Mrs. Dewhurst    Mrs. Ellison
Mrs Pilling Mrs.Farrell
Mrs. Stapleton Mr. Corker



Billiards & Snooker Section

Winwick 'B' Snooker Team extended their winning streak to four, with a decisive 7-1 victory over Vulcan 'A'. The outstanding game in this match was played by W. Booth.

Winwick 'A', however, suffered another defeat, going down 1 - 7 to a very good Royal Oak side.

The Billiards team got off to a splendid start, winning the first two games, then top-of-the-table St Austin's overhauled them to take the match 5 - 2.

In the Regional Competition (Billiards) in the 1st Round Winwick 'A' are at home to Rainhill, while the 'B' team travel to Fazakerley.

Winwick 'B' Snooker team are at home to Walton 'B' and the 'A' team travel to Newsham to meet their 'B' team.

These matches are to be played by 31st January 1974.



The next meeting of the Winwick Hospital Branch of C.O.H.S.E. will be held in the Recreation Hall Annexe on 3rd December 1973 at 9.00 p.m.



The latest CLIN-ALERT news gives brief details, on the following:-

1. Hyperkalaemia resulting from rapid I.V., injection of Potassium Penicillin G.
2. Particle contamination of large volume I.V. solutions.
3. Damage to skin and subcutaneous tissue resulting from injections of pentazocine.
4. Risks to asthma patients from certain analgesics.
5. Adverse effects from the use of aerosol inhalants (due to the 'inactive' ingredients!).

These reports, and others, may be seen in the CLIN-ALERT file in the pharmacy.

H. Taberner



Liverpool Hospitals Re-Organised

The Department of Health and Social Security has approved proposals for the re-organisation of hospital services in Liverpool following the opening of Fazakerley Hospital.

Acute services will be centred at Walton and Fazakerley Hospitals, and Bootle Hospital will be closed.

It is also planned to close Stanley Hospital late next year or early 1975, and to change the use of Waterloo Hospital next summer.



Warrington General

A new pedestrian entrance has been constructed at Warrington General to provide an alternative to the narrow main entrance off Lovely Lane.

When money has been made available after next April, it is planned to widen the main entrance and restrict its use to vehicles only.

New Year's Eve Dance

The reason a definite statement has not been previously made in connection with the New Year's Eve Dance is because of differences of opinion between "old" and "new" - so far as presentation is concerned. At last "new" won and the occasion will be in line with the modern concept of a dance, i.e. tables round the hall with service to them. Alas: this means that fewer people are accommodated; instead of 600 no more than 400. As the waiting list was already 400 strong no more, tickets are available.

It would appear the lucky 400 are those who read the Standard of the 19th. September. Sorry if anyone is disappointed.

If you would like to risk getting a 'returned ticket' the cost is £2.25p inclusive of refreshments and glass of sherry to great the New Year.



Children's Centre Planned

Warrington Social Services Department hope that work on £175,000 centre to help problem children will begin at Sankey by the middle of 1974.

It is intended that children in care for a long term will first spend about two months at the centre where they will be assessed. It will then be decided whether each child will benefit most from the care of foster parents or by being placed in 'approved school'.

The centre, situated on undeveloped land near the railway at Sankey, will cope with 30 children aged between 5 and 16. The majority will probably be from 9 to 14.



Majorca Holiday

A party of twelve patients and four nurses from Lea Castle Hospital, Wolverley, flew from Birmingham.for a week's holiday in Majorca - the first Mediterranean holiday to be arranged from the hospital.

Debate on Cruelty

The Earl of Gainsborough has tabled .a motion in the House of Lords seeking to debate the problem of ill-treatment of elderly and mentally handicapped patients in hospitals and institutions. No date for n discussion on the subject has yet been arranged.

Hostel Plan

Birmingham Social Services Department has launched a crash programme to provide more hostel places for discharged psychiatric patients.

Blacklist Claim

Labour MP Mr. Michael Meacher said is the House of Commons recently that some hospitals kept blaoklists of former patients whom they will accept for further treatment only if they are admitted on a compulsory order. He wanted the Government to name these. hospitals and enquired what guidelines were to be issued about such practices. Sir Keith Joseph, Secretary of State for Health and Social Security, replied that he was not aware of any such lists and requested the MP to give him details,

Community Co-Operation to provide Group Home

Local people and organisations at Stafford have provided a group home for patients who would otherwise spend the rest of their lives in St. George's Hospital. The house was provided by Stafford Corporation and prepared by the League of Friends of Stafford and District Hospitals. About £800 was donated by Stafford Pageant Committee for carpets and installation of central heating. The rest, including furniture hnd fittings, was provided by local businesses, voluntary organisations and individuals. Paint and wallpaper was bought by the League but prisoners from Stafford Prison carried out the work voluntarily,

First residents moved in last week - six women who have each spent more than ten years in the mental hospital. Most of them have no relatives. They will now live as a family group and will jointly contribute to the upkeep of their new home from Social Security benefits. It is hoped that they will eventually improve sufficiently to leave the group home and earn their own living. If the scheme is a success other group homes may be provided.



New books available on loan -
'Nurses Technical Manual' - V.E. Broome
'Pre-Nursing Course in Science' - J.M. Munro
'A Summary of Medicine for Nurses and Medical Auxiliaries' - R. G. Cooke
'Psychodynamic Nursing' - Brown & Fowler
'Surgery for Nurses' - Brown & Fowler
'Community Life for the Mentally Ill' - Fairweather, Sanders, Maynard and Cressler
'Towards Rehabilitation' - S.W. Mountford
'The Geriatric Day Hospital - King Edward's Fund

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