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The Hospital

The History

First floor plan of Winwick from the 1895 architectural drawings (courtesy of Nigel Roberts).

Ward snooker match. (G Moon). Female occupational therapy. (G Moon). Ward occupational therapy. (G Moon).
Deep insulin therapy, in vogue in the 50s. (G Moon). Electro-convulsive therapy - ECT. (G Moon). Hospital social club. (G Moon).
Staff dining room (and it looks like Gary Say at the table on the right, and the author of this website on one of the tables on the left.). (B Nugent). Wilf Morris and students in the nurse training school. (B Nugent). Front corridor (Sister Hambleton and Eva Garty?). (B Nugent).

The original 'Red Handbook', precursor of the one Bailliere, Tindall and Cox published in the 1950's as the 'Handbook on Mental Nursing'. The original was the foundation of the RMPA examination to provide professional standards in the care of the mentally ill. The later one marked the creation of the professional Registered Mental Nurse qualification.The original 'Red Handbook'.

Register of male patients 1933-1946 The register of male patients in Winwick from February 1933 to 1946. 3456 names are in the book, and the longest resident was admitted in 1898 aged 6.

The register was discovered by Geoff Moon and is deposited in Cheshire Records Office.

Patient's tally, used at one time for purchasing items from the hospital canteen (courtesy of Glynis Bruton). Patient's tally, from Glynis Bruton). Patient's tally, from Glynis Bruton).

Garden of Remembrance

Garden of Remembrance. ©2008 F Holcroft.

Memorial. ©2008 F Holcroft.
©2008 F Holcroft.

©2008 F Holcroft.
 ©2008 F Holcroft.
 ©2008 F Holcroft.
Unknown - died August 22nd, 1927. ©2008 F Holcroft.
Winwick Hospital Garden of Remembrance, containing graves of patients from
Winwick and Newchurch Hospitals who died between 1901 and 1971.

The Staff

Photograph - G Moon
The hospital band (? 1940s).

Photograph - J Taylor
Harry Griffin with a class of 1959, including Barbara Connor, Una ?, Margaret Thomas and Joyce Taylor.
Photograph - J Taylor
Harry Griffin, Monique Nation and Joan Lowe with a class of 1959, including Wes Grodowicz, George Jolley, Margaret Thomas, Alan Smithers, Joyce Taylor, Don Addison, John Molyneux and Gary Say.

1965 Prizegiving. Back row: David McKendrick, Geoff Haughton, Ivan Footitt, Harry Dean, Jeff Harrison, Bert Everest, Tom O'Brien, Danny Molloy, John Bryant, Keith Wills, ?; Second row: ?, Doris Rigby, Ann Berry, Jean Puzzar, Martha Woods, ?,?, Ethel Latham, Norah Talbot, Monica Hesketh, Elizabeth McNulty, ?,?,?,?,Mary Rouse; Front row: Wilf Morris, Brian Ward, Percy Martin, Mrs M Robertson, Fred Lee MP, Theresa Reid, Andrew Moss, Sir Thomas Harley,?,?,?.

A group of nurses in the sixties - Muriel Craddock, Sue Hutchinson, Marion McKendrick, Jenny Broome.

Sports teams with Joe Jolley, early seventies.

Ladies' football team, early seventies.
Photograph - T  Flaherty
1969/70 Finalists.
Photograph - T  Flaherty
June 1970 Finalists.
Photograph - B Nugent
October 1970 PTS. From left to right: (Standing) Eric Potts, Peggy Lovelace, Brian Nugent, Norma Appleton, Dave Coulter, George O'Mahoney, Jean Midgely. (Sitting) Dorothy Forrest, Cathy Burke, Jean Llewellyn Adriene Appleton and Marilyn Windle

May 1971 Prizegiving. Christian Errigadoo, John Butler, Terry Pilling, Bob Amponfi, Arthur Charnock, Malcolm Barr, Roy Lenagan, Bob Florer, John Settle, Alban Green, ?, ?, Linda Sweeting, ?, Wendy Evans; Third row: John Molloy, Brenda Holt, Kath Sharp, Marie Bailey, ?, ?, Muriel Craddock, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?; Second row: Eddie Newall, ?, Marion McKendrick, Jean D'Arcy, ?, ?, Jean Riley, Brenda Mercer, ?, ?; Front row: Wilf Morris, Nita Coppack, Stan Obcarskas, Alderman Ball, ?, ?, Bert Stokes, Barbara Connor, George O'Mahoney, H Andrew Moss.
Photograph - A Ravenscroft
March 1972.

Photograph - A Ravenscroft
April 1973.
Photograph - B Nugent
1975 Prizegiving.

Photograph - T Flaherty
Winwick Club's 50th Anniversary (2004). From left to right: Bob Cameron, John Bainbridge, Paul Jennings, Les Bayliss, Fred Worrell, Frank Carroll, Neil Bates, Ian Mitchell, Arthur Badger, Eric Potts, Paddy Boland, Dickie Peake, Terry Flaherty, Alan Yates, Rose Peake, David McKendrick, Alan Ravenscroft, Dave Hamilton, Terry Lewis.
More photos of the staff

World War Two

Photos from Gladys Ashall, a nurse at the hospital during the war.

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