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Mental Health Timeline, a history of mental treatment by Andrew Roberts.
Obituary to Brian Ward, Medical Superintendent of Winwick from 1963 to 1987 - an officer and a gentleman.
Details of military hospitals, including Winwick.
A short account of Winwick Hospital.
A related account of Winwick
An account of Sir George Oatley, the architect.
An account of George Gibson, co-founder of the National Asylum Workers' Union at Winwick.
Andrew Roberts' notes on asylum architecture, including Winwick.
Peter Cracknell's comprehensive site on County Asylums, with an emphasis on architecture.
Ken Ashton and Phil Knapman's account of Whittingham Hospital.
An account of Haydock Lodge, showing problems that existed in the care of the mentally ill poor in a private asylum during the nineteenth century.
Educational pack on Victorian asylums prepared by Greater Manchester County Records Office.
Tours of the male side grounds just before closure, by Brian Clare.

Cheshire County Council Records Office holds records of the hospital, including minutes of the committee of visitors 1901-1971, minutes of other committees 1901-1962, reports of inspections 1928-1953, annual reports of the Lancashire County Asylums 1902-38 and records including photographs relating to use as a military hospital. All these records are referenced NHW 3 and details can be found at their website. The Office also has a register of male patients who were in the hospital between 1933 and 1946 provided by Geoff Moon, who has also provided a video record of patients and staff at the hospital in the 1960s and 1970s.
   Lancashire Records Office holds registers of patients transferred to Lancaster Asylum from Winwick between 1915-1920 when Winwick was a military hospital.